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Monday, October 30, 2017

Apple dismissed iPhone X engineer after daughter's hands-on video goes viral

Apple dismissed iPhone X engineer after daughter's hands-on video goes viral

This is heartbreaking but worth the penalty though.

The tech giant Apple happened to end the service of an engineer whose daughter published an iPhone X hands-on video which has gone viral on YouTube. Yes, the hands-on is unofficial and you know what that can cost an employee if he goes against the company's policy.

Reporting from The Verge- In the video Brooke Amelia Peterson published included a journey to the Apple campus where she visited her father and made up a hands-on of the yet-to-released iPhone X. Oh Goodness! This is awful!.


In a tearful video, Brooke Amelia Peterson now claims her father has been dismissed from work as a result of her hands-on of iPhone X which she further published online and has gone viral. Furthermore, she explains her father went against an Apple company policy by allowing her to shoot a video of the unreleased smartphone device at Apple's campus.

This is a very expensive mistake. Apple has requested Brooke Amelia Peterson to dismiss the video, but this won't stop others from seeing the video because it has gone viral and is still spreading. Some sites like 9to5Mac quickly picked up the hands-on video, it's clearly too late to remove this video from the internet.

She did go too far. I can't call this a “just a hands-on on the iPhone X” because it's beyond what we think it is. The hands-on video includes footage of an iPhone X along with a unique employee-only QR code. As if that wasn't enough to get the company provoked, in the video was also included a Notes app on the iPhone X having codenames of Apple's products that are yet to be released. This is extremely frustrating. This is not a good one.

Examining the Apple engineer, he had been at the company for nearly four (4) years, his duties had been making up the iPhone RF and wireless circuit design.

This is extremely so frustrating for Apple, not only an unreleased iPhone was made viral, but also was revealed some facilities in Apple company which are supposed to be kept away from third-party eyes.

My comment: This is the more reason why parents should learn to keep different familiarity approach with their children when it comes to working.

I am still thinking how on earth could the engineer be able to forgive himself or even her daughter for throwing the video on YouTube. Do you think the engineer worths much blame or his daughter? Come on!  Let's interact using the comment box below. Thanks for reading this post to this very end.


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

YouTube's New Chat-Sharing Feature Allows Users Discuss On Its Mobile App

YouTube's New Chat-Sharing Feature Allows Users Discuss On Its Mobile App

This new Chat Feature lets you discuss with your friends and relatives base on a specific video without leaving the app.

The world most recognized video-sharing platform, YouTube has launched another awesome feature in its mobile app. YouTube users can now share videos in form of chat interface with family and friends. This is indeed a necessary feature.

The primary reason for the invention of this new sharing-feature of YouTube is obviously to maintain every discussion of videos made on the YouTube platform instead of allowing users to share the content on another platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others.

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Using this feature, users can select the friends they want to create a chat with on a particular video from their phone's contact.  Apart from the phone contact, there are other options like inviting people using an available link which can be shared on other platforms like facebook, twitter, or even a website or blog.
Conversations are totally private. It is just like a group chat and in a chat only supports up to 30 participants who can then offer their opinion/rating on a particular video via text, emoji, creating clips of their own, or by links to other videos available on YouTube.

This feature isn't new to some part of the world like Canada where it was first introduced earlier this year, and now the world will be using this feature.
It is good to know that Youtube platform is becoming more useful every day.

The annoying thing about this newly introduced YouTube feature is that is only currently available through the YouTube mobile app, perhaps sooner or later we will have this new chat feature available on the YouTube web as well.

What's your take on this feature? Let us know using the below comment box.
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