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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Best ways to schedule a WhatsApp message for future delivery

Best ways to schedule a WhatsApp message for future delivery


It is very possible to schedule messages on WhatsApp for later delivery. There are many ways to do this with your phone rooted or not. In this post, I've discussed the best methods of Scheduling a WhatsApp message without requiring to root your phone (all I'm saying is, these methods does not require a rooted device).

Method 1
Scheduler for WhatsApp
This is a third-party app developed to perform exactly as its name.

Step 1. Download and install Scheduler for WhatsApp from Apkpure
Reason: Scheduler for WhatsApp isn't available on Google Play

Step 2. Launch (open) the app and enable Accessibility settings to schedule message (just tap OK when you open the app and turn on WhatsApp scheduler)

Step 4. You are almost there, tap on the “+” icon on red to create a schedule

Step 4. Configure how you want the message to be sent; Select Recipient from your WhatsApp contact, set your time schedule and frequency (how many times you want your scheduled message to be sent)

Step 5. Enter your message into the provided box, you may also attach a photo(s) to your message and hit “create” at the top right of your screen.

That's all. Once the scheduled time is reached, your message will be sent to your selected recipient.

Method 2.
SQEDit- Auto Scheduling App

This is another useful third-party app developed for the purpose of scheduling messages for the later time. This app supports not only WhatsApp but other social / messaging platforms too.
With this app, you can schedule Facebook posts, send automatic emails, schedule text messages / SMS as well as setting call reminders.

How To Use SQEDit
Step 1. Download and install SQEDit on your Android device. It's available on Google Play.

Step 2. Launch the app and create an account or you can sign in with your Facebook account

Step 3. From the listed services, select WhatsApp and click “DONE”. Again, Select WhatsApp to create your message schedule.

Step 4. To be able to schedule your message SQEDit need to access your WhatsApp contact, however, you'll be required to enable accessibility in your settings.
Click “ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY” and turn on accessibility for SQEDit

Step 5. Now you are prepared to schedule your message:
  • Type your message in the provided box and include an attachment (photos, doc, music) using the attachment button (depending on what you are composing)

  • Schedule your future date and time

  • Select the number of repeats if you want your scheduled message to be sent more than once in a specified time interval
Step 6. Having provided your info, proceed by clicking the send icon as seen in the screenshot below

Step 7. Now you will have to disable your screen lock to allow transparency. See reasons as discussed by the developer in the screenshot below

That's all, your messages will be sent as scheduled.

The recommended option for scheduling messages across Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and setting reminder
Do It Later

This is my favourite app I use in scheduling messages across my social platforms.
This app will strive to deliver your message as scheduled even if you’re offline and it currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Email only.
To get this started;
Step 1. Download and install “Do it Later”. Get it on Google Play

Step 2. Launch the app and tap the add (+) icon to introduce the social services it supports and choose your target, let's say Facebook.

Step 3. You’ll be directed to where you'll have to sign in your Facebook account. Having signed in, return to the composing page of the app

Step 4. Type your message in the provided box, you may want to include an image(s)

Step 5. Select the number of repeats (by default, repeat is set as “never”)

Step 6. Tap “schedule” at the top right side of your screen to proceed.

Step 7. Your scheduled message goes to the pending list. Click on the pending message and tap send (the telegram icon displaying above your screen). See screenshot below

That's all for using “Do it later” app to schedule messages.

With the above methods, you should be able to schedule your messages for the future while you may get busy working out other issues of life.
The above three Android apps I discussed have been tested and confirmed working as required. This post was composed according to how I reviewed and make use of the mentioned apps.

Thanks for visiting👊👍

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WhatsApp status to start displaying ads from next year

WhatsApp status to start displaying ads from next year

WhatsApp is planning a strategy of gaining more profits and this strategy is about serving users with ads on status. This is according to latest reports.

But do you think this would help maintain users’ flexibility?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app all over the world and is soon to start implementing advertisements within the status area. This could likely be that WhatsApp is taking the lead from Instagram which already has been serving adverts on news feed. According to reports, the serving will be similar to what Instagram already implemented.

This news has been online for long, but believe me, WhatsApp is set to implement adverts in Status starting from next year, the notice is quite coming too early though it’s good we know what will be coming along a new version of WhatsApp in 2019.

Speaking of statistics, WhatsApp is being used by over 1.5 billion users and out of this number are 450 million users making use of the WhatsApp status, this is higher than Instagram which records about 400 million.

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With the massive turn up of the use of Whatsapp status, tailoring ads on the platform will drive revenue for Facebook.
Yeah, you heard that. According to another report which claims that Facebook will start displaying adverts on its platform which will also be linked to WhatsApp. This means that Facebook link ads will be sold to WhatsApp businesses.

All the same, if this is true, then the plan is all about growing Facebook revenue.

But do we users ever have a choice?
Facebook has been fair when it comes to giving users ultimate need of choosing what is best for them from features available.

Users will be given the mandate to either allow or disallow adverts from showing up in their status page.
This means that the move could be optional and it all depends on you.

All in one, the report confirms that the ads showing on WhatsApp status will be powered by “Facebook advertising system” and will be programmed to identify users with business on WhatsApp.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Incredible!- Fake whatsapp hits more than 1 million downloads from Google Play- Oshetech

Incredible!- Fake whatsapp hits more than 1 million downloads from Google Play- Oshetech

How on earth was this whatsapp counterfeit able to find its way to Google Play? Does this mean the tech-giant Google no longer consider the safety of app users downloading from Google Play?
Well, all I can say is they should improve their working intelligence to always fulfil their promise of providing full-time security for us.

Now on Google search, the most popular messaging network, whatsapp is now available in so many different apk files even being ranked on Google's first-page search result. Distinguishing these fake versions of whatsapp is now a die-hard task for us, they almost look so similar in so many ways.

Recently, one of the fake versions of WhatsApp messenger app has been identified after hitting more than 1 million downloads from Google Play, users of this fake whatsapp should be more than 1 million because I believe some website owners might also have released the APK file on their platform for people to download as well. This fake whatsapp is almost indistinguishable from the original app owned and controlled by the popular Google competitor, Facebook. It bears the same name “ WhatsApp Inc.” and has the same four-star review as the original WhatsApp on Google Play.

Some users of this fake whatsapp reported that they had it installed on their Android devices for the aim of messaging across the world but instead, they got wound up with a bundle of adverts. Remember, ads have never been included on whatsapp ever since the beginning of its existence.

Thanks to Reddit users who were smart enough to identify this misleading copy of WhatsApp messenger on Google Play. Lucky for us, an invisible space character placed after the copied ‘WhatsApp Inc' was identified making it easily distinguishable from the original WhatsApp Inc.

The developer’s name of this fake whatsApp is unknown. However, the criminal later changed the name of the app to “Dual Whatsweb Update” and removed the misleading developer title “"WhatsApp Inc."

But presently, this misleading WhatsApp has been removed from Google Play. According to a Google Spokesman, “ I can confirm that the app was removed from Google Play and the developer account was suspended for violating our program policies”.

Having read this, are you sure you're using the Facebook-owned WhatsApp application on your mobile phone? Remember advertisements are not served on WhatsApp, if you happen to notice such activity running on your installed WhatsApp, then definitely it’s not the actual app.
Keep your device away from malware attackers! Ensure you know what exactly you're downloading and installing on your device. Thanks for reading to this very end.
Don't quit yet! Look up for another interesting topic on this blog.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Whatsapp stopped working for some time- Did you ever notice?

Whatsapp stopped working for some time- Did you ever notice?

Whatsapp, the largest messaging network in the world today seems to have experienced some bugs making it stop working for some time.


I must say that this is much frustrating than anything you think of, how can the world’s largest messaging app with over 1billion users stop working all at once?
This has thrown lots of whatsapp users into a devastated mood, there's a lot we do with this whatsapp messaging app even in our place of work, it's much useful. So lots of people have missed important messages sent via whatsapp today.

Reporting a complaint by one whatsapp user named Richard Thompson, he said, “ I enabled my data connection and it was active for more than ten (10) minutes, did you know I never received even a single whatsapp notification to my phone? I'm a member of eight (8) different groups on whatsapp and that has caused me to receive at least one thousand (1000) messages daily. But since today my phone has been quiet, I've been curious, suspecting something has gone wrong.

Performing the usual task which I taught could solve it all, I disabled my data connection, rebooted my phone, yet nothing was resolved.
This lured me to launch my twitter app where I came across several similar complaints shared by other affected users with the #whatsappdown on almost every tweet I saw, confirming the fact that I'm not the only victim”. That's the end of the story.

As for me, I never noticed something was wrong with whatsapp app because my phone was not charged. As at 12:06 pm (West Africa time) I powered on my smartphone and immediately lots of whatsapp messages and Twitter tweets started coming.

According to some twitter tweets I've read so far, users from countries like India, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia aired their complaints on twitter with the tag #whatsappdown. Following the tag was lots of tweets which I grabbed some screenshots of them.

Some users claimed there was a notice under the “Help” section on whatsapp saying, “Our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly."

But what could be the major cause of the bug was never mentioned. Well, whatsapp is back now working like before. Though, the bug caused a huge disorder across the world today.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Whatsapp launches 'unsend feature' that will allow you delete sent messages

Whatsapp launches 'unsend feature' that will allow you delete sent messages

Now you are able to access the whatsapp unsend feature, say goodbye to mistakes… 

Finally, what every whatsapp user has been hoping for is here; whatsapp now lets you delete your sent messages from both your chat and the recipient's even if it has already been read.

This is what we've been demanding from whatsapp. Many of us do make mistakes when it comes to sending text messages with our phone, sometimes it is caused by the type of keyboard we use and sometimes we type a message correctly but due to loss of concentration we might end up sending it to the wrong person. Hahaha…
On whatsapp, that awkward moment you supposedly composed a rude message to be delivered to your friend but at the end, it was your boss who received the message.

Now you will be able to unsend or delete sent messages on whatsapp even when the receiver might have read your message. Whatsapp added that you can also delete your sent attachment like images, videos, voice messages, GIFs, etc. Deleting your message will erase both your copy and the receiver’s copy of the message.

How To Unsend Messages On Whatsapp
It's pretty simple, follow the below steps for just once and you will be familiar with it.

• Launch your whatsapp
• Open the chat where you sent that silly message you want to delete
• Tap and hold the message(s) you wish to delete
• Choose delete from the menu displayed above
• Tap delete>DELETE FOR EVERYONE; this option will erase the selected messages from both your chat and the recipient’s chat.
Beware: Choosing the “DELETE FOR ME” will only delete the selected message(s) from your chat only.

However, there are limitations for this ‘unsend task’
To make sure your deleted message(s) become successful, you must be sure of the following;

• The message(s) you want to delete should not have exceeded 7 minutes from the time it was sent; you can only delete messages that were sent in less than 7 minutes ago. So be quick to notice and act fast.

• Ensure that both you and the recipient(s) are using the latest version of whatsapp either on Android platform, iPhone, or Windows Phone because that's where the feature was built on. If deleting for everyone wasn't successful, whatsapp will notify you of that.

•  Deleting any message(s) you initially sent doesn't guarantee you that the recipient never had a chance of reading it before it was deleted. But as long as you are able to delete your message(s) within 7 minutes of being sent using the “delete for everyone” option, the recipient’s copy of your message(s) will be deleted and be replaced with the following texts “ This message was deleted” which means recipient will be notified that you deleted a message but will not know the content of the message deleted.

Believe me, whatsapp is rolling out this feature to users around the world, but not everyone will get this at the same time. The whatsapp version which supports this feature is yet to roll into my device, though the beta version is available for Android version 4.0.3 and above. You can download the beta version from Apkmirror but remember the feature won't work unless both whatsapp users are using the supported version. So let's cross our hands while we wait for the supported version to roll into our devices for an update. Thanks for visiting Oshetech, please do come back for more tech info.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Whatsapp just rolled in live location sharing feature to its app. Read how it works

Whatsapp just rolled in live location sharing feature to its app. Read how it works

A few weeks ago, the news was online that whatsapp was planning to introduce live sharing feature to its platform. And now, the feature was just recently activated which I think will start rolling out to users when they update their whatsapp to the latest version. However, in this post is everything you need to know about the new live location sharing feature.

Live location sharing is the new useful tool that has been introduced to whatsapp which lets users share their exact location in real-time with friends and family, or even to groups they belong to. This is the advanced method of sharing your location compared to the previous location sharing tool.

How does it work?
The live location sharing feature is end-to-end encrypted when shared among friends and family members. The duration for this is limited, you can choose to share your real-time location with your friends within a given time, you will have options like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even something else.
Once the stipulated time is reached, your friend or members of your group chat will stop seeing your real-time location. Even before the time is reached, you can choose to terminate the sharing task.

In a group chat, multiple members can share their real-time locations almost at the same time, and you will still be able to view all their locations right in a single map

How to share live location in a chat
It's pretty simple…
• Open a chat with your friend or a group you belong to which you want them to know your real-time location.
• Just below your screen is the usual attach icon, click it and select Location, now here's the new feature option “share live location”. Select the option and choose the duration you want and tap send. It's done.

Final words
This is best for meeting up with new friends, and keeping loved ones so close while you know where they are at a particular point in time.
The feature will be available to users of both Android and iOS devices. We should be expecting new update notification of whatsapp because I'm sure the feature will roll out to a new version of whatsapp. Follow me on Facebook to keep informed of what's going on in the world of tech.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

How To Save Whatsapp Status Videos And Pictures To Your Device

How To Save Whatsapp Status Videos And Pictures To Your Device

In the world today, whatsapp is one of the largest social networking platform having billions of users spread around the world. Each time whatsapp is updated there are always new features added to its existing ones.

Recently, whatsapp version was introduced with additional features like uploading status pictures and videos, and this feature seems great but it has developed an issue to every whatsapp users using this feature; the issue is about not being able to save your watched whatsapp status videos and viewed pictures to your smartphone to watch and view offline.

In this post, I will be leaking out ways you can easily save those status videos and pictures you desire to view offline. Remember that whatsapp status can only stay up to 24hrs on whatsapp or even stay less than that if the person decides to change his status by uploading a new one.

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Did you know?
When videos are watched or pictures are viewed on whatsapp, they are automatically saved into a folder named whatsapp in your device. This folder is usually created automatically during whatsapp installation so whenever you watch any status video or view any status picture, it is automatically saved into that folder though cannot be seen in Gallery/video player because it was saved as a hidden file
Now making them appear in Gallery/video player is what you will do.

How Can You Do That?
First, you need to make sure your device has
any File Explorer installed in it, if not, go to Google Play and download Ex File Explorer, that is preferable if none was factory-installed on your device. But if you have any other file explorer installed on your device already don't bother to download Ex File Explorer, just head to the procedures.

  • Open your whatsapp and view any status picture or watch any status video so it can automatically be saved into that folder as hidden file.
  • Open your File Explorer and go to Whatsapp folder »»» Media

  • Look for where there are three dots or three horizontal lines,  as for Ex File Explorer the horizontal lines are located at the top left corner. Whereas, other  File Explorer apps may have three dots located anywhere else.
  • Click on the three dots / horizontal lines to pop up options. Scroll down to search for ‘Show hidden Files’ and when found, click the icon close to it and make sure it turns blue indicating that hidden files are now visible. We are almost done.

  • Go back and you will see a new folder showing as .Statuses. Enter this new folder and you will see your whatsapp status videos and pictures.

Note: But pictures and videos that are seen in that folder indicate the current status you have on your whatsapp which means they are temporary. So all you have to do is copy those status media into another folder entirely different from the whatsapp folder.