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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twitter finally introduced its new 280 characters for a tweet

Twitter finally introduced its new 280 characters for a tweet

Twitter, one of the most famous social platform where people around the world come to share their thoughts, recently modified its character limit.

After much testing was made on the said 280 character limit, just a few days ago, Twitter officially revealed the new 280 character support to its users. The new 280 character limit has started rolling out to every twitter users.
But not quite long after the launch of the new character, users are arguably abusing it, saying it will make Twitter less interesting.

What was some user's reaction to the twitter new 280 character limit?
While some users have started making use of the new 280 character limit, other users are still not in support of the new character limit.

A lot of users said with the increase to 280 characters would make twitter become less interesting and not friendly, as lengthy tweets may fill up the timeline.

Others argued that the expansion of character limit doesn't truly will make users express themselves with better writing instead, repeating the same thing with too many similar words.

And still, some users said all they need from twitter is an editing feature which will allow them to edit their tweets and not this character thing, saying twitter focused on a feature no one really demanded.

On Twitter, Jeremy Vine published a tweet with the quote- “interesting that the first people to use the new 280-character limit on Twitter are the dullest. People with nothing to say talk longest”

This tweet got over 150 retweets along with some comments and other engagement. Following one of the comments on Jeremy Vine’s tweet, Niki C said: “I never updated my app so I still have square icons and 140 characters!.”

My review of the new character limit
The new character limit like Twitter said it will make users better express themselves-  of course, it will only if the user maintains a clean and short message by not using all the character bandwidth.
Jeremy Vine’s tweet is a very good example of a brief and short message, he aired his opinion using 136 characters making it readable and simple to understand.