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Friday, September 7, 2018

How To Verify Your Instagram Account (simplified steps)

How To Verify Your Instagram Account (simplified steps)

Just as Facebook and Twitter already had created an option for users to verify their profile to better help the social platform protect verified accounts against any existence of a fake account created by another user to gain popularity which may end up misleading users.
Instagram has also introduced this feature in which users will have to request verification to keep their account authenticated, and it just got much easier.

So lots of persons have been asking me about this process. Here, I’ll be discussing the process of how you can verify your Instagram account and get the blue badge attached to your profile. The procedures have been simplified below.

How To Verify Instagram Account

  • Open your Instagram account on your Android or iOS device and click on the three Vertical lines
  • Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and click on it
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Request Verification’

  • Fill every required filed correctly.
The following information is what you should drop in the required field;
Your Full Name A government ID that clearly states your Full Name and Date Of Birth.

NOTE: Government ID such as; National ID Card, International Passport, Driver’s License or any other Government ID existing in your country could be used, provided it clearly states your full name and date of birth.

  • Having filled these requirements, click on ‘Send

Your application for Instagram verification will be reviewed and you will be notified of any response Instagram should take regards your request. That is, you may get approved or be denied.

According to the official blog post, Instagram would review every verification request to check whether the profile is real and belongs to a global brand, celebrity, an entity, or a notable figure

If you happen to apply and gets disapproved, consider reapplying after 30 days (from the day you received the last notification).

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Instagram adds new data download feature to export pictures and user data

Instagram adds new data download feature to export pictures and user data

Instagram now lets you download all your uploaded pictures on Instagram to your device.

This is one feature users have been wanting from Instagram and it has finally been unleashed, though only available in the web version for now, but it should be accessible to Android and iOS users soon enough.

All thanks to Europe’s upcoming GDPR privacy laws that demand all tech companies to be more true and open about the kind of user data they hide. It also authorizes that they allow users to download a copy of the data anytime they want.

Now you can download all or some of your pictures simply by asking Instagram to release a copy of your data and a link will be sent to the registered email on your account. This link is what can be used to download your photos.

Source: The Verge

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Twitter finally introduced its new 280 characters for a tweet

Twitter finally introduced its new 280 characters for a tweet

Twitter, one of the most famous social platform where people around the world come to share their thoughts, recently modified its character limit.

After much testing was made on the said 280 character limit, just a few days ago, Twitter officially revealed the new 280 character support to its users. The new 280 character limit has started rolling out to every twitter users.
But not quite long after the launch of the new character, users are arguably abusing it, saying it will make Twitter less interesting.

What was some user's reaction to the twitter new 280 character limit?
While some users have started making use of the new 280 character limit, other users are still not in support of the new character limit.

A lot of users said with the increase to 280 characters would make twitter become less interesting and not friendly, as lengthy tweets may fill up the timeline.

Others argued that the expansion of character limit doesn't truly will make users express themselves with better writing instead, repeating the same thing with too many similar words.

And still, some users said all they need from twitter is an editing feature which will allow them to edit their tweets and not this character thing, saying twitter focused on a feature no one really demanded.

On Twitter, Jeremy Vine published a tweet with the quote- “interesting that the first people to use the new 280-character limit on Twitter are the dullest. People with nothing to say talk longest”

This tweet got over 150 retweets along with some comments and other engagement. Following one of the comments on Jeremy Vine’s tweet, Niki C said: “I never updated my app so I still have square icons and 140 characters!.”

My review of the new character limit
The new character limit like Twitter said it will make users better express themselves-  of course, it will only if the user maintains a clean and short message by not using all the character bandwidth.
Jeremy Vine’s tweet is a very good example of a brief and short message, he aired his opinion using 136 characters making it readable and simple to understand.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

SnapChat Down- Users are complaining of SnapChat app not working

SnapChat Down- Users are complaining of SnapChat app not working

SnapChat users are complaining of not being able to use the SnapChat app as usual.

Why does it always has to be social networks!
I am indeed not comfortable with the way different social networks are experiencing crashes on their system, throwing users into frustration. I must say that having an account in any of these social networks is now a way too dangerous and acting as a threat to our day-to-day business operation.

SnapChat is now the reigning victim of bugs. Since today, there has been so lots of complaints storming twitter, with all reporting the same issue that they have been unable to make use of their SnapChat account as at early around 12 a.m (West Africa time) November 7.

A few days back, a similar issue like this occurred with WhatsApp ( I don't know if you noticed it), and that day twitter also experienced massive traffic than usual with lots of users coming to air their complaints via tweets, though it was resolved after some hours of chaos.

On twitter, SnapChat published an official tweet pleading its users to calm down saying they are aware of the bug and recommend every user to keep their account logged in. “We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix. Stay tuned for updates!  We recommend staying logged into your account” says a spokesperson for SnapChat support.

But after seeing this tweet from SnapChat, some users got more worried because they thought they've done something stupid by logging out of their SnapChat account. A user tweeted “Been signed off my Snapchat for about 20 minutes and I actually think I might cry”. Reporting a tweet from another user who said “My Snapchat won’t let me send or receive or load anything. I logged out and now it won’t let me log in”.

Thinking of your streak not been found? Users came up with a good and helping suggestion to save your streak while you can't access your SnapChat account.

How to get back your Snapstreaks

It's pretty simple!
Visit the SnapChat official website and go to the ‘Support’ page. You can find that by scrolling down to the very end and click ‘support’. Haven land on the support page, click ‘Contact us’.
From the given option, choose ‘My Snapstreaks have disappeared’, then beside ‘still need help?’ below the page, click ‘Yes’
Here, you'll be allowed to file a claim where you will be prompted to drop your email, username, mobile number, friend's username, device, as well as responding to questions like how long was the Snapstreak? when did you start having this issue? did you see the timer?.
Also, you will be provided with an extra information box where you can fill in your experience while trying to access your streaks. Perhaps you may say that you had an issue connecting with the app, claiming your device was connected to an internet signal like wifi, and that the issue is with the SnapChat app.
After sending your contact request, SnapChat will then get back to you using the email you provided.

Hope I've been able to satisfy your want?  If there is more info you need to know or let us know rather, I recommend you use the comment box provided below.
Incredible!- Fake whatsapp hits more than 1 million downloads from Google Play- Oshetech

Incredible!- Fake whatsapp hits more than 1 million downloads from Google Play- Oshetech

How on earth was this whatsapp counterfeit able to find its way to Google Play? Does this mean the tech-giant Google no longer consider the safety of app users downloading from Google Play?
Well, all I can say is they should improve their working intelligence to always fulfil their promise of providing full-time security for us.

Now on Google search, the most popular messaging network, whatsapp is now available in so many different apk files even being ranked on Google's first-page search result. Distinguishing these fake versions of whatsapp is now a die-hard task for us, they almost look so similar in so many ways.

Recently, one of the fake versions of WhatsApp messenger app has been identified after hitting more than 1 million downloads from Google Play, users of this fake whatsapp should be more than 1 million because I believe some website owners might also have released the APK file on their platform for people to download as well. This fake whatsapp is almost indistinguishable from the original app owned and controlled by the popular Google competitor, Facebook. It bears the same name “ WhatsApp Inc.” and has the same four-star review as the original WhatsApp on Google Play.

Some users of this fake whatsapp reported that they had it installed on their Android devices for the aim of messaging across the world but instead, they got wound up with a bundle of adverts. Remember, ads have never been included on whatsapp ever since the beginning of its existence.

Thanks to Reddit users who were smart enough to identify this misleading copy of WhatsApp messenger on Google Play. Lucky for us, an invisible space character placed after the copied ‘WhatsApp Inc' was identified making it easily distinguishable from the original WhatsApp Inc.

The developer’s name of this fake whatsApp is unknown. However, the criminal later changed the name of the app to “Dual Whatsweb Update” and removed the misleading developer title “"WhatsApp Inc."

But presently, this misleading WhatsApp has been removed from Google Play. According to a Google Spokesman, “ I can confirm that the app was removed from Google Play and the developer account was suspended for violating our program policies”.

Having read this, are you sure you're using the Facebook-owned WhatsApp application on your mobile phone? Remember advertisements are not served on WhatsApp, if you happen to notice such activity running on your installed WhatsApp, then definitely it’s not the actual app.
Keep your device away from malware attackers! Ensure you know what exactly you're downloading and installing on your device. Thanks for reading to this very end.
Don't quit yet! Look up for another interesting topic on this blog.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Whatsapp launches 'unsend feature' that will allow you delete sent messages

Whatsapp launches 'unsend feature' that will allow you delete sent messages

Now you are able to access the whatsapp unsend feature, say goodbye to mistakes… 

Finally, what every whatsapp user has been hoping for is here; whatsapp now lets you delete your sent messages from both your chat and the recipient's even if it has already been read.

This is what we've been demanding from whatsapp. Many of us do make mistakes when it comes to sending text messages with our phone, sometimes it is caused by the type of keyboard we use and sometimes we type a message correctly but due to loss of concentration we might end up sending it to the wrong person. Hahaha…
On whatsapp, that awkward moment you supposedly composed a rude message to be delivered to your friend but at the end, it was your boss who received the message.

Now you will be able to unsend or delete sent messages on whatsapp even when the receiver might have read your message. Whatsapp added that you can also delete your sent attachment like images, videos, voice messages, GIFs, etc. Deleting your message will erase both your copy and the receiver’s copy of the message.

How To Unsend Messages On Whatsapp
It's pretty simple, follow the below steps for just once and you will be familiar with it.

• Launch your whatsapp
• Open the chat where you sent that silly message you want to delete
• Tap and hold the message(s) you wish to delete
• Choose delete from the menu displayed above
• Tap delete>DELETE FOR EVERYONE; this option will erase the selected messages from both your chat and the recipient’s chat.
Beware: Choosing the “DELETE FOR ME” will only delete the selected message(s) from your chat only.

However, there are limitations for this ‘unsend task’
To make sure your deleted message(s) become successful, you must be sure of the following;

• The message(s) you want to delete should not have exceeded 7 minutes from the time it was sent; you can only delete messages that were sent in less than 7 minutes ago. So be quick to notice and act fast.

• Ensure that both you and the recipient(s) are using the latest version of whatsapp either on Android platform, iPhone, or Windows Phone because that's where the feature was built on. If deleting for everyone wasn't successful, whatsapp will notify you of that.

•  Deleting any message(s) you initially sent doesn't guarantee you that the recipient never had a chance of reading it before it was deleted. But as long as you are able to delete your message(s) within 7 minutes of being sent using the “delete for everyone” option, the recipient’s copy of your message(s) will be deleted and be replaced with the following texts “ This message was deleted” which means recipient will be notified that you deleted a message but will not know the content of the message deleted.

Believe me, whatsapp is rolling out this feature to users around the world, but not everyone will get this at the same time. The whatsapp version which supports this feature is yet to roll into my device, though the beta version is available for Android version 4.0.3 and above. You can download the beta version from Apkmirror but remember the feature won't work unless both whatsapp users are using the supported version. So let's cross our hands while we wait for the supported version to roll into our devices for an update. Thanks for visiting Oshetech, please do come back for more tech info.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

YouTube's New Chat-Sharing Feature Allows Users Discuss On Its Mobile App

YouTube's New Chat-Sharing Feature Allows Users Discuss On Its Mobile App

This new Chat Feature lets you discuss with your friends and relatives base on a specific video without leaving the app.

The world most recognized video-sharing platform, YouTube has launched another awesome feature in its mobile app. YouTube users can now share videos in form of chat interface with family and friends. This is indeed a necessary feature.

The primary reason for the invention of this new sharing-feature of YouTube is obviously to maintain every discussion of videos made on the YouTube platform instead of allowing users to share the content on another platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others.

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Using this feature, users can select the friends they want to create a chat with on a particular video from their phone's contact.  Apart from the phone contact, there are other options like inviting people using an available link which can be shared on other platforms like facebook, twitter, or even a website or blog.
Conversations are totally private. It is just like a group chat and in a chat only supports up to 30 participants who can then offer their opinion/rating on a particular video via text, emoji, creating clips of their own, or by links to other videos available on YouTube.

This feature isn't new to some part of the world like Canada where it was first introduced earlier this year, and now the world will be using this feature.
It is good to know that Youtube platform is becoming more useful every day.

The annoying thing about this newly introduced YouTube feature is that is only currently available through the YouTube mobile app, perhaps sooner or later we will have this new chat feature available on the YouTube web as well.

What's your take on this feature? Let us know using the below comment box.
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