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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Microsoft to work with Apple in introducing iMessage to Windows

Microsoft to work with Apple in introducing iMessage to Windows

Microsoft To Introduce iMessage To Windows

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The tech-giant Microsoft plans to bring iMessage to Windows 10 particularly, by partnering with Apple. Shilpa Ranganathan, general manager at Microsoft, officially told The Verge that the company is agreeing to work with Apple on integrating Windows 10 functionality to iMessage.

Last week, Microsoft unvieled it's “Your Phone app” at the BUILD conference. The company says the software will help link desktop and mobile platform, as well as allowing its customers synchronize content between their smartphone and desktop so as to easily view notifications, send texts and copy files from within Windows 10.

The issue of this Microsoft new software is that, it won't allow synchronization with iOS devices especially user’s messages.
According to Shilpa Ranganathan, general manager at Microsoft;

“We will actually have photos on iOS and notifications as well. Apple does make it a little harder for messages, but we’re very willing to work with Apple. I want to do this in a supported way with a respect for the ecosystem we’re building on and at the same time make it a delightful experience. Messages is what is keeping us from being where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.”

There's a lot we do with iMessage. iMessage supports stickers, mobile payment, third-party apps, games and many more features and all these are planning to be replicated over to windows, an immense acquirement of Apple's user experience.

The Your Phone app synchronizes content between your smartphone and your Windows PC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app will be unleashed to Windows insiders before rolling out to everyone in October when the Windows 10 is expecting its next major update.

Currently, the iMessage world is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and Apple Watches. This is one of Apple’s biggest differentiators over Android.

Do you think Apple is really ready to work with Microsoft to share one of its biggest features outside its ecosystem?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available On Android And iOS

Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available On Android And iOS

A few days back, news leaked out online that Microsoft is planning to make Microsoft Edge browser available to Android and iOS devices.

If you're not too familiar with the Microsoft Edge browser, it is the successor to Internet Explorer browser and it's included in the windows 10 set as its default browser.

The mobile version of the Microsoft Edge is currently available for those having the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build. Having the Edge web browser on mobile devices running on iOS and Android will build better approach and more user-friendly with the windows 10.

Having the newly designed mobile version of Edge web browser on your Android/iOS devices lets you enrol the continue on PC feature, which means you can resume your activity on your phone from where you left it on your computer as it allows for synchronization between your computer and the smartphone.

Apart from your search habit, your bookmarks, passwords, history, and other fill in details will also get synchronized so you can access them easily especially when they're needed.

What's new on Edge mobile web browser???
The search engine: As usual the default search engine dedicated to the Edge browser is the Bing search engine. Now on the mobile version, is not only limited to Bing, also to Google’s search engine and Yahoo search engine, you can make your choice of which search engine is desired to be your default type.
Too bad the Edge mobile web browser does not support ad blocking. Perhaps it should in its next version.

The design: Microsoft Edge mobile browser has pretty much the same design as the Chrome and Safari browsers. These browsers are familiar in surfaces and having features like QR-code reader, Reading View, voice search, Hub View and more.

For now, Microsoft is only aiming at smartphones running on Android and iOS platforms, tablets are yet to gain support but I'm certain that as time goes by, tablets users will benefit too.

For Windows Insider users, all you have to do is visit this page and confirm it is an insider, which will prompt Microsoft to send you a message containing the instructions to install its first Edge Beta for your smartphone running on Android or iOS platform.

Currently, the official app has not yet been introduced, we should be expecting it before the year-end. Though the preview app was recently introduced to Google Play Store for Android users.
Click here to download the preview app for the meantime.

So that should be all, for now, regards Microsoft Edge mobile browsers. We'll keep you updated as soon as something comes up. Thanks for visiting Oshetech, please do come back for more tech info.

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