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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Glo new 4x recharge bonus offer-How to get it & everything you need to know

Glo new 4x recharge bonus offer-How to get it & everything you need to know

Introducing the Glo 4x recharge.
The following are what you will find here: Glo 4x bonus code, Glo 4x recharge, how to check Glo 4x code.

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Enjoying a better tariff plan or package from your network provider is one thing every phone users want to enjoy, and thanks to Glo for introducing the 4x recharge which multiplies your recharged value times four. Keep reading this post to get all the details you should know about the new Glo 4x recharge.

The four times recharge is easy to get when you follow the below instructions.

How to get the 4x recharge
It's pretty simple. Make your recharge card available, and make sure you do not recharge with the usual *123*recharge pin#, it doesn't work that way.
You should recharge with this *323*your recharge pin#. Doing this will fetch you your 4x recharge value.
You can also recharge your Glo line via E-top and still get a similar benefit.

Note this: Whatever value you recharge, have it in mind that it won't be added to your main account balance ( the #124*1#), instead the 4x bonus of whatever value you recharged goes to the 4x recharge bonus account.

Though, when you recharge via E-top, your recharge value goes to your main account balance, then 3x (300%) of your recharged value will be credited to your 4x bonus account.

How to check your 4x bonus account
Sometimes we get issues recharging with the 4x recharge code, giving us misleading reply like- No reply from USME or something. If you should get such reply after attempting to recharge using the proper code, then it may be that it worked.

To confirm, simply check your 4x recharge account by dialling #122*30#.
If the recharge value you recharged was #100 for example, then you should see your 4x account balance credited with N400 bonus (N100 x 4=N400).

But this is not the case when you recharge N100 via E-top, for example, the N100 will be credited to your main account while N300 will be credited to your 4x bonus account.

What can the 4x recharge bonus be used for?
Good news! The bonus credit is not only for making calls, you can also send SMS messages and as well as browse the internet with it. And for making calls, calls are not restricted to Glo numbers, you can also make calls to other local and even to international networks operating in the 30 approved international destinations.

List of the 30 approved international countries
Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore ,South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, US, UK.

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How much will you be charged when you make a call, text, and browse from your 4x balance?
For the making of calls to all local networks when you recharge using the physical method (scratch card) will cost you 45k/s. As for international calls, you will be charged 60k/s.
But if you use the E-top method, your calls to local networks and any of the international destinations will be at 65k/s call rate.
For SMS to all local networks, you will be charged the usual N4/SMS
To browse
For browsing the internet will cost you N3/MB.

How long does this 4x recharge bonus stay before it expires?
It depends on what value you recharged. If you recharged N100 or N200 then expect your 4x bonus credit to remain valid for 14 days.
But this is not the same as when you recharge N201 and above as bonuses credited on such recharge value will remain valid for 30 days. Oh, what good time!

Note again: This offer is applicable to all tariff plans and will never migrate you away from any tariff plan you belong to. Though migrating to another tariff plan after recharging with the *323*pin# will erase your 4x bonus if there's any.

If there be any part of the discussion you do not understand, please let us know by commenting. Thanks a lot for visiting Oshetech.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Get 8x Your Recharge Value When You Recharge Via eTop-Up On Glo NG

Get 8x Your Recharge Value When You Recharge Via eTop-Up On Glo NG

Glo is giving 8 times your recharge value and data as bonus when you recharge your Glo sim via any eTop-up service like the Glo world outlets, ATMs, POS and others. Keep reading this post for detailed information on the above topic.

New!  Glo has recently come up with another airtime recharging plan to keep its subscribers ongoing. If you are not a Glo subscriber, oh you are missing out, go get a new Glo sim and be a beneficiary of not only this offer but others like Glo 0.0k free browsing with Tweakware v6.4, Anonytun VPN, and more goodies from Glo yet to be known.

This 8 times recharge bonus is given when you recharge your Glo sim card via eTop-up.

eTop-up is a service open to subscribers of any telecommunication network to recharge their SIM (often referred to as line) including those of friends and relatives instead of purchasing the usual scratch card, rather an online top up is used which is referred to as eTop-up.

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eTop-up service can be used at any Glo world outlets, ATMs, POS, any Glo retail partners nationwide.
They are just like the normal recharge card customers purchase often and being credited the exact recharge value they paid for. It is good to also know that when customers recharge their line via any of the above-mentioned eTop- up service, they will also get their usual benefits like data bonus and voice call bonus.

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For those who may use Glo World Outlets / a Retail Dealer for eTop- up service, follow the below procedures.

  • Go to any Glo world outlet or retail dealer and pay the required amount of your choice to the attendant.
  • The Retailer / Dealer will then access the eTop-up recharge portal and fill in the customer’s phone number and the amount to be recharged. Haven processed the transaction, the recharged amount will be credited to the customer’s line and an SMS may be sent to both the customer and the retailer confirming the successful recharge via eTop-up.

Note: I do not know the limit of recharge value you can recharge via eTop-up if there is any, but the minimum amount that can be recharged is NGN50.00 (for Nigerians)

Customers will only get their 8x recharge value  bonus when they recharge with any of the following eTop-up amounts:
N101, N201, N501, N1001, N1501, N2001, N2501, N3001, N5001, N10001, N20001 and N50001

Hurry up!  Do not miss this awesome Glo offer. It is good to know that recharging your Glo line via eTop-up will fetch you good airtime bonus of 8x the recharge value and some added data bonus for browsing.
For more information, visit the Glo official website.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Browse Freely And Unlimited On Glo Using Anonytun VPN

Browse Freely And Unlimited On Glo Using Anonytun VPN

Enjoy browsing the internet and downloading even large files without bandwidth limit at no cost on Glo network using Anonytum VPN.

It is no longer new to us that so many VPN services are now available in Android Market today giving network subscribers chances of browsing the internet for free.

Browsing at no cost using VPN apps is now very common these days especially with 9mobile (formerly known as Etisalat) and Glo Networks.
Most subscribers of these network services are having good time surfing and downloading even large files from the internet with little or no expense. The first topic I published on this blog is similar to this one, that was with tweakware VPN and is still working up till now.

And here is another free browsing VPN app called Anonytun VPN. This VPN works better with the above-mentioned networks if not even better than tweakware. It does not consume much RAM and battery. One thing I love about this Anonytun VPN is that it does not disconnect itself often. I am currently using this Anonytun VPN to browse freely with Glo and 9mobile.
I will be dropping procedures on how to set Anonytun VPN to browse unlimited with Glo network. I would love to drop the settings for 9mobile but the connection is currently having issues so I will publish it when the bug has been fixed.

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  • Download Anonytun VPN here, or download it from Google Play.
  • Get a Glo sim card with neither data subscriptions nor airtime in it.
  • Of course, you need a reliable network strength ( precisely 3G or 4G)

How To Use Anonytun VPN To Browse The Internet Using Glo

Configure the following settings in their respective areas

Phone Settings
On your Android device, go to Settings»» Mobile Networks»» Access Point Names / APN»» Glo mobile ( if your device uses dual sim ), click on any three vertical dots you see and create new APN as follows;

Name: Oshetech
APN: glosecure
APN Type: Default, Supl.
Username: secure
Password: secure

And set it as your preferred APN

Anonytun Settings
Haven installed Anonytun VPN, open it and configure the below settings in their respective areas.

»» Click on Stealth Settings at the top right corner and turn on Stealth tunnel (make sure the icon turns blue
»» Connection Protocol: HTTP
»» Connection Port: 8081
»» Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

»» Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and input the following settings;

»»Request method: POST
»»Injection method: Normal
»»Tick User Agent option
»»And to stop quick disconnections,  tick Forward Host and Keep-Alive
Click on Generate and Save.

You are done configuring Anonytun VPN in connection with your Glo line. Now go back to the app main page and hit CONNECT.
Within few seconds, you should have it connected and when that happens, just minimize the app and start browsing the internet.

That's all!! We love comments, if you have any question do not hesitate to use the comment box below.  Thanks for visiting Oshetech