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Saturday, July 8, 2017

How To Get 1GB Data For Just #200 On Etisalat

How To Get 1GB Data For Just #200 On Etisalat

Browse the internet at a cheaper rate using Etisalat today.

Etisalat is at it again!  Just like we have been hearing various browsing tips and cheap data subscriptions from other networks (Glo, Mtn, Airtel), Etisalat has introduced another cheap data subscription for its subscribers; it's all about purchasing 1GB data for just #200.

This is the most affordable data subscription across all network available in Nigeria, though there are other data subscriptions that are comparatively cheap as this.

What You Need to Know About This 1GB Cost #200
Like I said it is the cheapest of all data subscriptions available on Etisalat. Just like every other normal data plans, with this subscription you can browse the internet and download both during day and night, that is it has no time restriction which makes it gain more advantage than night data plans.
This data subscription does select Sims, there is no any tweak required as it was brought up by Etisalat.

Talking of its validity, the 1GB data plan was made to last up to 3 days effect from the date and time you activated the data plan. Hey!  Heads up, this is where you may get a little discouraged, don't be anyway because it is the cheapest data subscription so far.

Can We Now Know Its Activation Code?
Yes, to activate this 1GB data plan cost #200, simply open your phone log and dial *929*10# and hit the proceed call icon... It is done!
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Did You Know?
This 1GB data subscription can be accumulated by repeatedly dialling the activation code which means you can get up to 4GB data for #800, or 5GB for #1000… depending on the size of data plan you need, provided you meet up to the required amount for your preferred data plan.

Final Words
This data subscription is suitable for those who enormously browse the internet and download large files.
The data plan also supports whichever network brand your smartphone uses (2G, 3G, or 4G), that means the data can also be used on small mobile phones as far as it can access the internet.