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Friday, September 14, 2018

Apple Launch Event 2018: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Release Date, Specs And Price

Apple Launch Event 2018: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Release Date, Specs And Price

Release Date, Price and Specs of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

On 12 September, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were launched 

What we have been anticipating for has been released and it’s even more than we expected; Apple launch event on September 12 was great! The event prevailed many of Apple’s new products, not excluding Apple 2018 iPhones.

What Actually Got Unveiled Before The End Of The Event?

  • iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR iOS 12 Software Apple Watch

What's new in these 2018 iPhones?

There's indeed much difference between these 2018 flagship iPhones and 2017 iPhones.
  • One spiking difference is the A12 Bionic chipset in the XS models which promises 30 per cent boost performance than last year’s A11 Bionic Chip, 40 per cent lower power consumption and support for Machine Learning.
  • The iPhone XS Models are also the first to feature dual SIM; Apple’s own eSIM technology and a physical SIM Card. However, the iPhone XR supports one physical SIM Card slot and a digital eSIM
  • New attractive Colors owing to the iPhone XR

Release Date

Apple still keeps to their yearly date of releasing its iPhones up for sale. The iPhone XS and XS Max will start receiving pre-orders from 14 September, and shipping will begin on 21 September.

For the cheaper iPhone XR, its pre-ordering will begin on 19 October and it will be on sale starting from 26 October.


All these 2018 iPhones are available in varieties of storage capacities which Apple has used as a determinant of their prices.
Each iPhone will be offered in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations.

HTML Table Design
iPhone XS, XS Max, XR US Pricing
64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
iPhone XS $999 $1,099 $1,149 $1,349
iPhone XS Max $1,099 N/A $1,249 $1,449
iPhone XR $749 $799 $899 N/A

HTML Table Design
iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Starting Prices
iPhone XS (64GB) iPhone XS Max (64GB) iPhone XR (64GB)
United State $999 $1,099 $749
United Kingdom £999 £1,049 £749
Australia AU$1,629 AU$1,799 AU$1,229 

iPhone XS and XS Max Key Specs

  • iOS 12 Operating System
  • A12 Bionic Chip: 7-nanometer processor to help launch apps 30 per cent faster than 2017 iPhones.
  • Display: OLED HDR Screen (Super Retina Displays)
  • Display Sizes: 5.8-inch (458 ppi) and 6.5-inch (458 ppi).
  • 3D Touch Pressure-Sensitive Screen
  • Protection: iP68 Water-resistance rating
  • Dual SIM: Yes, via eSIM technology
  • Dual Rear Cameras: 12-Megapixel and telephoto lenses.
  • Front-facing Cameras: 7-Megapixel, to feature in-depth portrait mode photos.
  • Storage: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB Options.
  • Improved Face ID; to unlock the phones speedingly.
  • Stereo Sound Support: Yes, wider than 2017 iPhones.
  • Battery: Apple claims that the iPhone XS should last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max could last 1.5 hours (90 minutes) longer than the iPhone X
  • Colors: Silver, Space gray, Gold.

A side view of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

Key Specs Of iPhone XR; The Cheapest iPhone

  • CPU: A12 Bionic chip
  • iOS 12 Software
  • Build: Aluminum body with glass back
  • Display Type: LCD screen (Retina display)
  • Display Size: 6.1-inch (326 ppi), 1792 x 828 pixel resolution
  • Haptic touch screen, like a trackpad
  • Protection: IP67 certification (water resistance)
  • Camera: 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, featuring Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB options, Portrait mode photos through software
  • FaceID: Yes, with True-Depth camera system
  • Battery: It claims to last 1.5 hours more than the iPhone 8 Plus
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Product Red, Black, Blue, Coral (pink)

Monday, August 27, 2018

iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 Rumors; Everything You need To Know

iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 Rumors; Everything You need To Know

iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9 and iPhone X2 Release Date and Price

Apart from the iPhone 9 leaks, an iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus are two other iPhones that should be released as part of the 2018 iPhones. Concluding the number of iPhones that Apple reportedly has for 2018, are three; an iPhone 9, iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus.

Potential Names For 2018 iPhones

Apple may revert to its use of the ‘S’ nomenclature or continue the use of numerals and/or Roman numerals. What are we saying?
  • One of Apple 2018 iPhones could be a second iPhone X which would be named iPhone X2 or if the ‘S’ series naming should be used, it would be called iPhone XS
  • If numbers should be used instead, then 2018 iPhones would be iPhone  9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus.

2018 iPhones Release Date and Price

According to a report from a German website, pre-orders for the new iPhones will start 14 September. Probably the launch event will kick off few days before 14 September, if Apple should stick to its adapted schedule for launching new iPhones, then we should expect the iPhone 9, iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus to strike an event on 12 September.

These three iPhones will sport various screen sizes which Apple will use to tag their prices. Apple Security Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said there will be a 6.1-inch (320-330 PPI) LCD display variant and he claimed it will be the cheapest (even cheaper than the iPhone 8) which everyone suggests it will be called an iPhone 9 or iPhone 8S. Ming-Chi Kuo added that the 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone could cost $600-$700.

Speaking of the other two iPhones;
Recent rumors/leaks had disclosed that two of the three iPhones will sustain an OLED display screen, while the other one will accommodate LCD screen display.
These two OLED iPhones are the said iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus.
The iPhone X Plus is said to hold much bigger features than the others; not excluding the display screen size which rumor suggests it will sport a 6.5-inch (480-500 PPI) Display Screen size. The iPhone X2 which could also be called iPhone XS will feature a 5.8-inch (458 PPI) OLED Screen Display like the iPhone X. However, these three iPhones will be similar to the iPhone X.

Rumor: Three Rear Cameras

A 2018 iPhone could feature a triple-lens rear camera which we believe the bigger variant (iPhone X Plus) could be that phone. According to MacRumors, the triple-lens camera would enhance the iPhone’s picture quality in low light environments and an improved rear zoom capacity.

Face ID or Touch ID?
One of these security sensors will be featured in all three 2018 iPhones, which would you prefer?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that Apple's True-depth camera setup will be introduced to these three iPhones in 2018, Apple could drop off Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) and implement Facial Recognition technology across its 2018 iPhones.

Apple Pencil or in support.
The two OLED iPhones due for launch in 2018 will support Apple Pencil or iPen- so much more than a classical writing tool.

All three iPhones are due for launch in 2018, probably the first or second week of September. The 6.1-inch iPhone model will be the cheapest iPhone in 2018 which we believe will win the heart of consumers in the market. A reliable price range of the other two iPhones is still not certain, though others are suggesting $1100 price range for 2018 iPhones.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

iPhone 9 Release Date, Price and news leaks - Oshetech

iPhone 9 Release Date, Price and news leaks - Oshetech

We are convinced that the iPhone 9 is just a few weeks away from its launch. But before that happens, let's focus our mind across the leaks of the phone as some of them may turn out true.

Apple is set to unleash its next flagship iPhone 9 probably before this year end.

Let’s not forget that iPhone 11 (iPhone XI) is still anticipating and probably the iPhone 9 could be the cheaper iPhone in 2018, it is rumored to be closer to the iPhone 8 in price.

Disclaimer: Every information you find on this page are predicted specifications, price and release date of the iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 Release Date:

Following Apple’s frequent launch date, the iPhone 9 is strongly believed to have a September launch.

According to recent reports from Germany, the iPhone 9 pre-ordering may likely begin on September 14. If this could be true, however, we should expect a September 12 launch.

You shouldn't expect this iPhone 9 to bear a tagged price below its predecessors. Though rumor suggests it could be closer to the iPhone 8 price than the beast iPhone X.

The famous Apple Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims the iPhone 9 would be cheaper than the iPhone 8, he added that it could cost $600-$700

Could There Possibly Be Other Name For Apple’s 2018 Flagship?

Yes, there is a probability that Apple might go back to its odd ‘S’ series nomenclature, which implies that there could be an iPhone 9 or an iPhone 8s. All the same, we are expecting an iPhone 8 successor launch this year.

You should be aware of Apple’s intention of making multiple releases this year, meaning iPhone 9/8S should not be the only iPhone we would be expecting. There could also be an iPhone 11 (iPhone XI or iPhone XS), iPhone 11 Plus (iPhone XI Plus or iPhone XS Plus) and iPhone 9 Plus (iPhone 8S Plus).

A design similar to the iPhone 8 may likely wrap the iPhone 9

What Possibly Would Be The Design For iPhone 9/8S?

The assumed size has been dominating the web, saying the iPhone 9 could sport a 6.1-inch size which will rather have an LCD Screen than OLED, all lies with 320-330 pixels per inch (PPI) in an Aluminium frame.

A Disappointing Change In Data Speed Is Coming All The Way!
2018 iPhones could retain slower and provoke downloading speed. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that Apple plans to implement different modems (probably Intel) in its next iPhones rather than using Qualcomm.

George Davis, Qualcomm Financial Chief said “ We believe Apple plans to solely use our competitor's modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release”, and the Company (Qualcomm) says it won’t make supplies for any upcoming iPhones.

You'd want to know how this would affect the performances of upcoming iPhones-
Tests have proven that when it comes to downloading data, Qualcomm chips are faster than Intel chips.

Rumor: Horizontal Face ID To Displace Touch ID
Apple Analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) suggests that the next iPhone lineup might bring down the curtain on Touch ID, this means fingerprint sensor will no longer be featured on upcoming iPhones. This will be replaced by Facial Recognition technology which Apple says will dominate 2018 batch of iPhones.

It is convinced that the iPhone 9 will sport a set of dual rear-facing cameras

Dual Rear Cameras
The iPhone 9 will sport dual cameras on the rear to help the user perform portrait lighting adjustments and shoot photos of in-depth qualities. Nevertheless, it won't be too surprised if Apple should implement this Dual rear-facing camera feature to the Plus variant as it has done in the past few years.

Wireless Charging
Wireless charging technology is becoming stable in Apple devices. This was first transferred from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 and since the iPhone 9/8S will be an upgrade to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, therefore we should least expect the iPhone 9 to feature even a better Wireless Charging technology.

That's just the summary of what the presumed iPhone 9 is rumored to feature.
A succeeding post of the other rumored 2018 iPhones will be published on this blog.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Microsoft to work with Apple in introducing iMessage to Windows

Microsoft to work with Apple in introducing iMessage to Windows

Microsoft To Introduce iMessage To Windows

Image credit:

The tech-giant Microsoft plans to bring iMessage to Windows 10 particularly, by partnering with Apple. Shilpa Ranganathan, general manager at Microsoft, officially told The Verge that the company is agreeing to work with Apple on integrating Windows 10 functionality to iMessage.

Last week, Microsoft unvieled it's “Your Phone app” at the BUILD conference. The company says the software will help link desktop and mobile platform, as well as allowing its customers synchronize content between their smartphone and desktop so as to easily view notifications, send texts and copy files from within Windows 10.

The issue of this Microsoft new software is that, it won't allow synchronization with iOS devices especially user’s messages.
According to Shilpa Ranganathan, general manager at Microsoft;

“We will actually have photos on iOS and notifications as well. Apple does make it a little harder for messages, but we’re very willing to work with Apple. I want to do this in a supported way with a respect for the ecosystem we’re building on and at the same time make it a delightful experience. Messages is what is keeping us from being where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.”

There's a lot we do with iMessage. iMessage supports stickers, mobile payment, third-party apps, games and many more features and all these are planning to be replicated over to windows, an immense acquirement of Apple's user experience.

The Your Phone app synchronizes content between your smartphone and your Windows PC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app will be unleashed to Windows insiders before rolling out to everyone in October when the Windows 10 is expecting its next major update.

Currently, the iMessage world is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and Apple Watches. This is one of Apple’s biggest differentiators over Android.

Do you think Apple is really ready to work with Microsoft to share one of its biggest features outside its ecosystem?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Apple dismissed iPhone X engineer after daughter's hands-on video goes viral

Apple dismissed iPhone X engineer after daughter's hands-on video goes viral

This is heartbreaking but worth the penalty though.

The tech giant Apple happened to end the service of an engineer whose daughter published an iPhone X hands-on video which has gone viral on YouTube. Yes, the hands-on is unofficial and you know what that can cost an employee if he goes against the company's policy.

Reporting from The Verge- In the video Brooke Amelia Peterson published included a journey to the Apple campus where she visited her father and made up a hands-on of the yet-to-released iPhone X. Oh Goodness! This is awful!.


In a tearful video, Brooke Amelia Peterson now claims her father has been dismissed from work as a result of her hands-on of iPhone X which she further published online and has gone viral. Furthermore, she explains her father went against an Apple company policy by allowing her to shoot a video of the unreleased smartphone device at Apple's campus.

This is a very expensive mistake. Apple has requested Brooke Amelia Peterson to dismiss the video, but this won't stop others from seeing the video because it has gone viral and is still spreading. Some sites like 9to5Mac quickly picked up the hands-on video, it's clearly too late to remove this video from the internet.

She did go too far. I can't call this a “just a hands-on on the iPhone X” because it's beyond what we think it is. The hands-on video includes footage of an iPhone X along with a unique employee-only QR code. As if that wasn't enough to get the company provoked, in the video was also included a Notes app on the iPhone X having codenames of Apple's products that are yet to be released. This is extremely frustrating. This is not a good one.

Examining the Apple engineer, he had been at the company for nearly four (4) years, his duties had been making up the iPhone RF and wireless circuit design.

This is extremely so frustrating for Apple, not only an unreleased iPhone was made viral, but also was revealed some facilities in Apple company which are supposed to be kept away from third-party eyes.

My comment: This is the more reason why parents should learn to keep different familiarity approach with their children when it comes to working.

I am still thinking how on earth could the engineer be able to forgive himself or even her daughter for throwing the video on YouTube. Do you think the engineer worths much blame or his daughter? Come on!  Let's interact using the comment box below. Thanks for reading this post to this very end.


Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ probably to have its launch in 2018

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

iPhone X (iPhone 10): Specifications, Release Date and Price In U.S

iPhone X (iPhone 10): Specifications, Release Date and Price In U.S

The much anticipated iPhone X (also known as iPhone 10) is here. In this post, we have discussed the specifications & features of iPhone X, its price and when the smartphone should go on sale. Keep reading.

After much time had been spent waiting for the launch of iPhone X, on Tuesday, September 12, the smartphone was launched alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and was also given an alternative name known as iPhone 10. It was indeed a special and memorable event as it marked Apple's 10th Anniversary.

Speaking of specifications, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus are similar. However, there must be something unique about each and every single brand/model of Apple's new flagship iPhones, and in this post, all the basic info you need to know has been discussed.

•  Apple A11 Bionic chip with Apple-designed GPU (three-core graphics)
• CPU: Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)
• iOS 11 Operating System
• 5.8 inches (~82.9% screen-to-body ratio) Super Retina OLED edge-to-edge display with Resolution 2436 x 1125 pixels (~458 ppi pixel density)
• 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm Dimensions, and 179 g Weight
• New 'all-glass' design built with Surgical‑grade stainless steel, with IP67 certification
• 12MP dual rear cameras with OIS, f/1.8 & f/2.4 apertures
• 7MP secondary (front) camera, f/2.2 aperture
• Face ID technology
• Supports Qi wireless charging
• Wireless charging featuring fast charge
• 64GB/256GB storage
• WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, hotspot
• Bluetooth: 5.0, A2DP, LE
• iCloud service
• Messaging: iMessage, SMS, MMS, Push Email, Email
• Siri natural language commands and dictation
• Support for LTE with speeds of up to 450Mbps
• Non-removable Li-Ion battery with up to 21 hours talk time and Music play up to 60 hours.


In Apple Smartphone Company, iPhone X (iPhone 10) is the first smartphone to feature an edge-to-edge screen display. This feature was recently rolled out to the Galaxy Note 8, and now Apple iPhone X has it. The iPhone X is sealed and designed with the new “all-glass” feature built with Surgical‑grade stainless steel making it support wireless charging with the Qi charging standard. Aside from its wireless charging support, with the new scratch-resisting all-glass design, it also features Apple's True Tone display tech, Wide colour gamut display, 3D Touch display, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. Of course, with glass built with Surgical‑grade stainless steel on both faces (front and back) of the smartphone, makes it water and dust resistant.

According to Apple, “the glass is the most durable glass yet to be featured by other smartphones”.

Just like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X features “Super Retina” OLED display measuring at 5.8-inch screen having 2436 x 1125
pixels resolution, being the now highest screen resolution featured by Apple's iPhone.

No Home Button
Say goodbye to home button. iPhone X is all-screen, having no physical button, unlike previous iPhone models. Just a single swipe will take you home from anywhere.

OS: iPhone X was made to run on the latest iOS 11 Operating System. With this iOS 11 OS put together with other features makes iPhone X the smartest iPhone ever seen.

Processor: The iPhone X is powered by the incredible superhuman intelligent Apple A11 Bionic chip, the smartest chip ever in a smartphone, with a neural engine capable of performing up to 600 billion functions per seconds.
It has six CPU cores and 4.3 billion transistors. Its CPU cores are divided into two, the four efficiency cores with its performance of up to 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion chip, and the two performance cores of up to 25 percent faster. Also, is the all-new Apple-designed three GPU cores with improved performance, up to 20 percent faster than A10 Fusion.

At the back of iPhone X are the Dual 12MP cameras, the wide-angle and telephoto cameras, just like the iPhone 8 Plus.
Each of the rear cameras has its own aperture. The wide-angle camera has ƒ/1.8 aperture while the telephoto camera has a ƒ/2.4 aperture.

Both cameras support Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and fast lenses for shooting quality photos and videos.

Zoom feature
Both cameras on iPhone X allow Optical zoom, as well as Digital zoom of up to 10x for pictures and 6x for videos.

Front-facing Camera
The Front-facing (secondary) camera of iPhone X is the all-new ‘TrueDepth camera’ having 7MP, featuring f/2.2 aperture, and the A11 Bionic chip's built-in neural engine. The camera also features the new Portrait lighting mode which helps in producing impressive studio-quality lightning effects. With TrueDepth camera alongside the A11 Bionic chip, you can shoot selfies with real depth effect that will place your face in sharp focus even when the background is blurred.

Send out your expressions with the new Animoji feature also known as animated emoji. The TrueDepth camera captures and analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements, then tallies your expressions in any of 12 different Animoji.

New Security
Apple has dumped the implementation of Touch ID, instead, Face ID recognition is being used.
iPhone X is the first to feature Face ID technology. Your face is now your password and with it, you can unlock, authenticate and pay.

Face ID is empowered by the TrueDepth camera, it projects and can examine more than 30,000 invisible dots to create an accurate depth map of yo ur face.
Face ID can be used with Apple Pay.

iPhone X will be available in two different colours, Space Gray and Silver colours.

As expected, Apple has announced that pre-orders of its new iPhone X will begin on 27 October, unlike iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus whose pre-orders begin on September 22.

Apple has also announced that the iPhone X will begin its shipping on 3 November.

Just like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X will be available in two variants, the 64GB and 128GB configurations which will cost $999 and $1149 respectively.

So above is every important features you need to know about the new flagship smartphone of Apple, the iPhone X also known as iPhone 10. You can also check its features and price on Apple's Official Website.
Speaking of the price, do you think iPhone 10 worth it? Reply using the below comment box, first check my answer. Thanks for visiting

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