Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WhatsApp status to start displaying ads from next year

WhatsApp is planning a strategy of gaining more profits and this strategy is about serving users with ads on status. This is according to latest reports.

But do you think this would help maintain users’ flexibility?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app all over the world and is soon to start implementing advertisements within the status area. This could likely be that WhatsApp is taking the lead from Instagram which already has been serving adverts on news feed. According to reports, the serving will be similar to what Instagram already implemented.

This news has been online for long, but believe me, WhatsApp is set to implement adverts in Status starting from next year, the notice is quite coming too early though it’s good we know what will be coming along a new version of WhatsApp in 2019.

Speaking of statistics, WhatsApp is being used by over 1.5 billion users and out of this number are 450 million users making use of the WhatsApp status, this is higher than Instagram which records about 400 million.

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With the massive turn up of the use of Whatsapp status, tailoring ads on the platform will drive revenue for Facebook.
Yeah, you heard that. According to another report which claims that Facebook will start displaying adverts on its platform which will also be linked to WhatsApp. This means that Facebook link ads will be sold to WhatsApp businesses.

All the same, if this is true, then the plan is all about growing Facebook revenue.

But do we users ever have a choice?
Facebook has been fair when it comes to giving users ultimate need of choosing what is best for them from features available.

Users will be given the mandate to either allow or disallow adverts from showing up in their status page.
This means that the move could be optional and it all depends on you.

All in one, the report confirms that the ads showing on WhatsApp status will be powered by “Facebook advertising system” and will be programmed to identify users with business on WhatsApp.



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