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Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks: Everything you need to know —Triple-lens Rear Camera, 3D Face-ID, 5G Network

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 were initially the anticipating smartphones everyone thought would be unleashed this year, but unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 9 was recently launched and its pre-ordering is ongoing, leaving the Galaxy S10 hidden in the world of rumors (sometimes rumors become true anyway).

The Galaxy S10 is what's being given much predictions and leaks and that we’ll be sharing with you on this post. Keep reading!!!😎

The Galaxy S10 is expected to come with some unique features different from other previous devices.
Since the phone has missed this year CES and MWC, everyone is suggesting it could be the biggest hit in 2019 as it is believed it would be announced in early January at CES 2019 as part of the Galaxy series 10th year anniversary.

Here are some of the expected features of Galaxy S10:

  • Display and Design
There's definitely going to be a turn around in the display features of smartphones which will be launched next year and hopefully, Samsung may be the first Mobile company to introduce the change in its proposed Galaxy S10.

Reporting from an early tweet by the Popular and reliable leaker, Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10 screen resolution may exceed 600 Pixels Per-Square Inches (600 PPI) unlike the Galaxy S9 and S9+ which holds 570 ppi and 530 ppi respectively.

This could be a great turn up for Samsung upcoming devices. Reviewing Ice Universe’s tweet, you should know that the Galaxy S10 may come in two variants that is a Galaxy S10 and S10+ (following the pattern in past models) and according to the tweet, the smaller variant might accommodate a 600 PPI screen resolution while the larger model will exceed 600 PPI as early stated.

A unique Style Design is coming to the Galaxy S10 Models next year.
The transparent black plate design which is already existing with the HTC is what Samsung plans to introduce to the Galaxy S10, which will bring out the beauty of the Smartphone to enable it to stand a chance of winning the customers’ heart in the mobile market.

  • Here is something weird for you; A trio of models
Reporting from Business Insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities analyst claims that Samsung is preparing three phones with different display sizes of 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch. These handsets could be the three models of the Galaxy S10 as previously seen in June via ETNews.
Are you as curious as I? If the Galaxy S10 models should have a Galaxy S10 and S10+, then what could the third model be called?

If the smaller 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 is to feature a 600 PPI resolution display density then we should be expecting an increase in the resolution display to 4K quality.

These three Galaxy S10 models are likely to hold differentiated features. The bigger models are said to feature on-screen fingerprint sensors while the smaller model may keep to having a fingerprint sensor on the side.

  • An In-Screen Fingerprint and 3D Face-ID Style Camera sensors
The In-screen Fingerprint is what Samsung has been hoping to implement in its mobile devices but unluckily the company wasn't the first to get this feature straight into its brands. This is one feature that was rumored for the Galaxy Note 9 and S9, but Samsung has decided to preserve it for its Galaxy S10 models.

The use of “ultrasonic technology” is going to be implemented, which will produce a super accurate result far better than the optical technology being employed in other smartphones to scan and register fingerprints from beneath the screen.
D.J. Koh, President of Samsung Electronics, stated that “optical sensors give nothing else than a bad user experience.”

Rumor has it that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models may opt-in for a Face-ID Stylus 3D Camera sensor. Samsung is partnering with 3D Camera firm Mantis Vision to help make this feature a reality in the Galaxy S10 models. If this 3D Face ID-beating security and biometric unlocking capabilities are true on the Galaxy S10, then iPhone X should get ready to compete with the device.

In addition to the above sensors, the Galaxy S10 is expected to also feature its Iris Scanning technology as alternative security sensor.

What next?

  • Triple Camera lenses to come true on the Galaxy S10
Samsung is working on a triple camera lens which it plans to polish on the upcoming Galaxy S10 models. These triple-lens set up will be mounted at the back of the phone with the added lens helping to capture quality photos in low-light condition.

What should you expect at the upper front of the Galaxy S10?
A dual selfie camera lens set up is what should sit on that spot all for the purpose of producing Portrait Mode effect on selfies, reporting from The Bell.

  • 5G Connectivity

Get ready to experience seamless internet speed in a bit. The future 5G Connectivity will become useful in 2019, smartphone Companies will start implementing this technology to their brands next year, and this is what the Galaxy S10 will support in addition to other network technologies (4G LTE, 3G, 2G).

Could Galaxy S10 be the first of Samsung Mobile to ditch the preloaded 5GB Connectivity?

D.J. Koh stated that “ the Galaxy S10 WILL not be the first Samsung Mobile Phone to support 5G Connectivity.”
This has to lead us to wonder if Samsung might unleash another of its brand before the end of this year, in other words, before the Galaxy S10 models will be launch. According to D.J Koh’s statement, hopefully, yes, and it will be the first to handle 5G Network Connectivity while the Galaxy S10 is expected to succeed it next year.

Could this propose phone stated to first feature 5G Connectivity technology be the yet unleashed Galaxy X foldable smartphone? A transformative phone/tablet which Samsung has been working on.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to come in three models and if all or more of the above-rumored specifications and features are what the handsets will later hold when they are unboxed, then we are pretty sure Samsung might win the customers’ heart in 2019.
However, all that’s been discussed above are the trending rumor specifications of the Galaxy S10 and remember that rumors are most times close to 100% accurate.
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