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How To Secure Your Android From Hackers (Cyber Attackers)

Top Security Tips To Secure Your Android From Cyber Attack (Hackers)

As an Android user, there are many cool kinds of stuff you could do with your Android device, meanwhile, several precautions have to be observed whenever you do what you do, this could help prevent prying eyes from seeing the contents in your Android device.
This post will teach you the essential security measures you should always practice as an Android user. Keep reading...

  • Regularly Update Your Android

Whenever your Android device receives an update, be sure to update your device. This may help fix some bugs/issues if there is any kind on your phone. Also, updating your Android may bring some new features such as improved security to keep your Android device and information protected.

  • Set Up An Antivirus Running

Antivirus/Antimalware apps/software is always ready to secure your device, you just have to download and install a strong Antivirus/Privacy Security app from a trusted source; I recommend Google Play Store.
Apps like Avast Mobile Security, Kaspersky Internet Security are very helpful when it comes to privacy protection.

If your Android device is rooted, the possibility of viruses/malware attacking your phone is on the high side. This is because rooting your Android device can automatically create flaws for attackers to pierce in. To prevent your rooted devices from hackers, a strong Antivirus needs to be installed.

  • Install Apps From Trusted Sources

Downloading and installing Apps from trusted sources like Google Play store gives a huge relief of having your device compromised by attackers. By default, Android is configured to block installation of apps from Unknown Sources. If you wish to download and install apps from sources other than Play Store, be sure you are making use of a malware-free website.

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  • Always Use A Secure Browser To Surf The Web

There are so many Android browsers available on the web which is developed and is maintained to give users the maximum level of security and protection from malicious websites.

A perfect choice of such protective browser is Google Chrome browser

  • Read Up Permissions Before Installing An App

Many times, we download and install apps on our Android device without first getting to know what access or permissions will the device grant to that app required for executing its function.
Before Installing an app/game, make sure you read its permission(s) to conclude whether they are essential requirements for running the app or are contrary to what the app allegedly declares.

***How worthless and dangerous it would be to have an installed calculator seeking permission to access contact or even GPS***


There are many other tips to secure your Android phone from cyber attacks, however, the above-discussed tips are the most essential precautions you should always observe as an Android user.



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  1. I'm guessing rooting your Android device is not s good idea then.

    1. Yeah it has never been a good idea due to the security break or flaws it creates in an Android system.

  2. I never liked rooting an Android phone


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