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Android 9 Pie OTA update officially released to Pixel devices today - Other devices are soon to get the update

Guess what the Android P is called…
“Android Pie”
Google has officially revealed the name of Android P to be called Android Pie

While I was running through my news feed on Google+, I came across this announcement by Andrea Gotschin (Moderator @ Android Beta Program) where he stated that the Android 9 Pie will be rolling out to the Pixel Phones today as part of the official release. He also added that devices which participated in the Beta program will automatically receive their upgrade via OTA update.

This is a quote from him (Andrea Gotschin):

“Today, Android 9 Pie will begin rolling out to Pixel phones as part of the official release. Devices that participated in the Beta program through our device partners will receive the update by the end of this fall! All currently enrolled Beta devices will receive an OTA update notification automatically. Once installed, you will no longer be able to downgrade to Oreo via OTA.

Note: Un-enrolling your device from the Beta program prior to receiving the public update will wipe your device. Once you install this public update, any time you un-enrol from the Beta your device will automatically be put back on the public track and your device will not get wiped.

You are likely already familiar with the new features, but please take a look at our consumer blog post (https://blog.google/products/android/introducing-android-9-pie/) for more information. The post also includes instructions for joining the beta to receive the Digital Wellbeing features (Dashboard, Wind Down, App Timer, etc.), which will officially launch on Pixel phones this fall, with Android One and other devices coming later this year."

Also, he added that if your device is still running the Beta program, you will automatically receive an OTA update to any future versions of Android Pie as soon as they are released

Interpreting the news, all other compatible devices that participated in the Beta program shall receive an OTA update by the end of this fall. Remember the previous news I published on this blog that Android P is set to be released on August 20 as seen on Evan Blass’ tweet, so this means that Android 9 Pie is just a few weeks away from other devices (apart from the Pixel Smartphones which is already getting the OTA update).

Android 9 Pie current supported devices:
The Android 9 Pie is currently available to 5 devices;
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
Essential Phone

Now Let's discuss some of the top features Android 9 Pie is packed with
Now we have a new Android OS working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a smarter, simpler experience.

With Android 9 Pie installed on your Phone:
You should be able to navigate with ease; introducing the new system navigation featuring a single home button.
This will be very helpful especially when featured on a taller phone where the user may not find it comfortable getting things done on the phone with one hand.

There’s also an option in the settings menu where you can change back to the three button navigation if you do not appreciate the one button navigation.

Your smartphone will last for long on a single charge. With Android 9 Pie, your smartphone battery will be able to understand your pattern of app usage and will prevent irrelevant discharge.
Also, there will be an automatic adjustment on your phone’s brightness ( Adaptive brightness) depending on how bright or dark is the external environment, which also saves some percent of charge.

App Actions will become easy and awesome as it will predict the next move as you start an application or you connect a gadget. For example, connecting headphone will automatically prompt your smartphone to open the music playlist.

Plus many more…
Watch out for our next update on Android 9 Pie as we will unleash the full features of the new OS.

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