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Top features of Android 9 Pie you should know - See why it's being awarded as the best OS

Android 9 pie has become official. It’s here for you with a helping hand from Artificial intelligence to help you customize your Android phone for smartness and simplicity.

The name Android 9 Pie was officially disclosed on 7 August 2018 when Google Pixel devices started getting the OTA update of our very new Android Operating System.

Users of the Google Pixels who got the System update yesterday claimed that the version answers most questions that previous Android OS versions failed.

Reporting the statement of Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management, Android & Google Play, on Google’s main blog, he said: “We’ve built Android 9 to learn from you—and work better for you—the more you use it.”

Android 9 Pie, with the assistance from AI, will master the use of your device to help predict your next task so you can jump right into your intended action, prioritise and save battery power for your most used apps and many more...

Android 9 Pie comes with an Adaptive Battery feature which studies the apps you use often and reserves battery power for them. In addition to that, to save power, the battery triggers an automatic adjustment of your phone’s brightness which is dependent on the external environment; this is what Google refers to as Adaptive Brightness.

App Actions
As predicted before the official release, Android 9 when installed on your phone introduces a feature called App Actions which will make your phone become even smarter.
With this feature, your phone should be able to understand how you use it and can predict your next action based on your daily routine.
Let’s say you are preparing to go to your workplace; you might either be triggered by suggestions like navigating to work on Google Maps or resuming an article with Google Doc.
When a headphone is plugged into your phone, it opens your music playlist, let's say Spotify playlist.

According to Sameer Samat, the slices will be made available after the fall. This feature is quite similar to/being part of the App Actions, it provides relevant information from your favourite apps.
Let’s say you need a ride and you type the keyword ‘Uber’ into Google search, the search result will contain your home and work address. The word “slices” was adapted from the term “pie slices”.

New System Navigation
There’s a new system of navigation featuring just one home button.
Google suggests this would be better and convenient for taller phones to curb the inconveniences of navigating with one hand.

Swiping up the home button from anywhere will draw a fullscreen preview of recently used apps and you can simply relaunch any with a single tap on the app’s icon.

If you’re the type that toggles between apps, with Smart Text Selection in Android 9, it is simplified. This feature helps to recognize the meaning of the text you’re selecting and draws out relevant actions as suggestions.
This new System Navigation can be enabled in Settings.

Android 9 is designed to understand and make life better.
Stop being addicted to your phone!
Sometimes we wish we could disconnect from our devices and face other issues of life. Hopefully, this is possible with the help of Android 9 Pie servicing your device.

This new Android OS introduces a feature called App timer to help you understand how you spend time on your handset. To limit your use of certain apps installed on your phone, you can set an app to a limited time which the app icon will later turn out grey on your home screen once the time is reached.

Improved Security
Android will never exempt this in any of its OS versions.
According to Sameer Samat, the use of biometrics as security pass such as fingerprint has been bumped with improvements to enable industry-leading hardware security capabilities to allow protection of sensitive personal data like credit card information using a protected and dedicated chip.

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