Thursday, May 31, 2018

Another Amazing Feature Just Got Received on Google Chrome For Android

Google Chrome is the most used web browser  on both Desktop and Smartphone devices especially Android, and it was developed and being controlled by the tech-giant Google.
Google Chrome browser is winning the pleasure of many users into the world and has got more features much enough for a user to make it his/her preferred browser.

Today, we are announcing to you that Google has implemented an amazing new feature on it's Chrome web browser. What is this feature all about?

Remember when you want to switch between tabs on Google Chrome for Android and the app displays a vertical list of open tabs with the others superimposed on one tab which you might find it difficult to hover between them.
Google has made a change to the display when you need to switch tabs.
The new Google Chrome browser is designed to make flaps horizontal.

The app places the screens side by side, making the screen look a little neat since it would display fewer tabs per time. This is preferable instead of the usual placing of tabs superimposed on one tab.

This new interface of Chrome is available in the latest version of Chrome Canary, an alternative of Chrome browser designed for experimental analysis.

To experiment the change you need to install Chrome Canary on your Android device.

Hover to the app's address bar and type “chrome://flags” then search for “Enable horizontal tab switcher” and enable the option. Restart the browser with the “Relaunch Now” button displaying on the screen.

Please be aware that the test does not warrant that the change will be implemented to the default version of Chrome browser. However, in some cases, changes performed in Chrome Canary are avoided even before a great number of users receives it.

What do you think about this change that is coming to the default Chrome browser? Is it really amazing as this post suggests?



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