Saturday, March 31, 2018

Google bans Uncertified Android devices from accessing Google Apps

New Security Check from Google!
Google is blocking unregistered/non-recognized devices from accessing Google apps, but there's an exception for Custom ROMs.

Android devices are much fun and easy to use with its designed Operating System by the tech-giant Google.

In as much as there are many Android brands manufactured by various companies, Google distributes its OS to these manufacturers, offering them legal certification for use of Google products. However, many other manufacturers don't get this legal approval but forces their Android brands to get all of Google products.

If you distribute Google’s official Android apps (such as the Play Store, Hangout, Chrome, Maps, etc.) on your Android device, it means the device is certified by Google.
Devices like Amazon’s Fire OS tablets and most Chinese smartphones sold in China do not get the legal certification from Google. These non-certified devices are not supposed to contain Google apps on them. But most users usually find their way to slideloading Google’s apps at the time of their need for them. Moreover, some unworthy manufacturers ship Google software without getting Google certification.

How Is Google's New Plan Going To Work???
Here's the breakdown;

This time, if you attempt to run Google apps on your Android device, Google checks the build date of your Android system image. If your device is non-licensed and is running a version of the Android OS that was compiled after March 16th, 2018, Google apps won't run. Say goodbye to slideloading.

For Custom ROM users, there's a way out!
Custom ROM users who like to download specially designed version of Android can now register their device with their Android ID to permit Google apps to run on it. Though, there's a limit of 100 device per user which might not be convenient for highly producing ROM testers.



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