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Google: Datally App Could Help You Restrain Which App(s) Eat Your Data The Most

Datally by Google could seamlessly limit your data usage and stop every other apps except those actively in use.

Android devices are becoming more addictive and user-friendly with Google's Intelligence.
Google wants you to enjoy more features on Android and has introduced an app called Datally designed to help you control which third-party apps installed on your Android device can make use of your internet data.

Google is launching another elegant and useful app that does what every Android users want- helping them manage their data usage.

This app called Datally will help you analyze your data usage bringing up statistics for how much data you have spent over a specified interval, even on a specified app. It will make you understand where your data is going. Datally will reveal to you which apps consumes your data most frequently and will also indicate what time your data is being consumed.

Datally will also suggest means to limit data usage according to your activities and explores nearby Wi-Fi networks so you can connect to and save your data.

Launching the app is a big button at the top that lets you stop all background data usage except the active app onscreen that will only be permitted to use mobile data. To know how much data is being consumed by your currently running app, a pop up chat-head style bubble will tell. You may not want to block every single app using the background, Datally provides you with the permission to control data usage on an app by app basis.

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Datally is Google's next app to have over billions of users across the world, the aim of this, is to promote all Google products in all regions of the earth. Datally will be very useful for countries with limited mobile connections and lower-end hardware on the spread. The product manager guiding Datally, Josh Woodward, stated the reason the app was designed, saying the thought came from the bountiful numbers of people going the way of preserving data especially in some countries like India, Nigeria, Delhi where data plans are similarly expensive. He further stated that these users often turn on their airplane mode when they're less busy with their smartphone in order to preserve their data plan. To let apps’ notifications rush in, they turn off the Airplane mode and later turn it back on while they look through the notifications.

Datally is mainly a storage management - specifically limiting Android user's data usage, as it's the reason it takes a little 6MB space for installation.

Datally may not be useful for everyone. If you're that user always with Android, Datally may not sound good. By default, almost every function of the app is built into Android directly, though are not visible in the settings menu and are not as quite elegantly seen as it appears inside Datally. This will make it much easier for people to find and remember to use.

Limiting your background data usage will cause your phone to low experience, as apps may not refresh its content on the background, and apps’ notifications may not be able to rush into your phone.
But if you're that who consistently shut against your data to preserve your data plan, Datally is meant for you as it will enable you to locate the source of the problem.

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Recently, since this summer, Google has been testing Datally in the Philippines and has observed that it has been able to save people, with 30 percent of their data. The company says the app has hit over 500,000 users. And currently, it's being rolled out to other parts of the world with only users of Android running on 5.0 and above will be able to download and install the app from Google Play.

Datally is a very effective app and user-friendly for those who have always wanted to save and limit their data usage.

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