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How To Convert PDF Files To Word Document Using PDF To Word Inc.

Cometdocs PDF to Word Converter- Easy way to convert and edit your PDF files.

Oshetech brings you a new useful app for converting any of your PDF files to Word. It's the PDF to Word Converter by Inc.

I write this post base on my experience with the app. Some few days ago, Oshetech received an email from Linda Simmons, who introduced this app to us, thankfully the app has it's Android version available on Google Play. I downloaded and installed Cometdocs PDF to Word Converter on my Android device for a review, so good to know there's nothing bad about the app, it's useful. I've been reviewing this app for over a week and I've decided to share my experience with the viewers of Oshetech.

Cometdocs PDF to Word Converter is a very reliable and user-friendly app designed for an effective PDF to Word conversion. The conversion supports Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, Gmail and others, into editable Microsoft Word documents.

Below are some awesome features of Cometdoc PDF to Word Converter

● Ability to convert scanned and complex PDFs
● An unlimited number of converted files. File size is not a factor
● Industry-leading OCR technology
● You can convert files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, iCloud, and others
● High-quality PDF to Word conversion

How To Use PDF To Word Converter- Inc.

At first, you'll need to download and install ‘PDF To Word Converter- Inc.’ from Google Play. Searching for the keyword will bring you lots of similar apps created by the same developer ( Inc.), just look for the app with the logo as seen in the below screenshot.

Upload The File You Want To Convert
After installation, launch the app and select the file you want to convert. You'll have two options;

● Select file from the device
● Select file from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, iCloud

Note that choosing any of the second options will require sign-in, for example, Google Drive. This option is best for users not having their files saved on the phone but rather in cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive because they often switch between devices.

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Wait For The Conversion To Complete
Having selected the file, it is imported automatically and once it's done, you can quit the app and wait while the conversion is ongoing.

Note: The conversion is not done on your phone, instead it's executed by their conversion servers where they are automatically converted and at once deleted from the server after a complete process.

Open And Edit Your Converted File
Your new converted file is ready. Once you get the converted file, it is now editable and can be modified using a Word mobile app. Make some changes in the file that was previously uneditable and save it the way you want it.

This is the end of the process. It's pretty easy.

Cometdocs PDF To Word Converter is easy to use, having a great user interface, more mobile and user-friendly.

For Android users, get it on Google Play
For users with devices running on iOS, you can also get PDF To Word Converter by Inc. from the Apple Store



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