Friday, November 3, 2017

Whatsapp stopped working for some time- Did you ever notice?

Whatsapp, the largest messaging network in the world today seems to have experienced some bugs making it stop working for some time.


I must say that this is much frustrating than anything you think of, how can the world’s largest messaging app with over 1billion users stop working all at once?
This has thrown lots of whatsapp users into a devastated mood, there's a lot we do with this whatsapp messaging app even in our place of work, it's much useful. So lots of people have missed important messages sent via whatsapp today.

Reporting a complaint by one whatsapp user named Richard Thompson, he said, “ I enabled my data connection and it was active for more than ten (10) minutes, did you know I never received even a single whatsapp notification to my phone? I'm a member of eight (8) different groups on whatsapp and that has caused me to receive at least one thousand (1000) messages daily. But since today my phone has been quiet, I've been curious, suspecting something has gone wrong.

Performing the usual task which I taught could solve it all, I disabled my data connection, rebooted my phone, yet nothing was resolved.
This lured me to launch my twitter app where I came across several similar complaints shared by other affected users with the #whatsappdown on almost every tweet I saw, confirming the fact that I'm not the only victim”. That's the end of the story.

As for me, I never noticed something was wrong with whatsapp app because my phone was not charged. As at 12:06 pm (West Africa time) I powered on my smartphone and immediately lots of whatsapp messages and Twitter tweets started coming.

According to some twitter tweets I've read so far, users from countries like India, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia aired their complaints on twitter with the tag #whatsappdown. Following the tag was lots of tweets which I grabbed some screenshots of them.

Some users claimed there was a notice under the “Help” section on whatsapp saying, “Our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly."

But what could be the major cause of the bug was never mentioned. Well, whatsapp is back now working like before. Though, the bug caused a huge disorder across the world today.



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