Tuesday, November 7, 2017

SnapChat Down- Users are complaining of SnapChat app not working

SnapChat users are complaining of not being able to use the SnapChat app as usual.

Why does it always has to be social networks!
I am indeed not comfortable with the way different social networks are experiencing crashes on their system, throwing users into frustration. I must say that having an account in any of these social networks is now a way too dangerous and acting as a threat to our day-to-day business operation.

SnapChat is now the reigning victim of bugs. Since today, there has been so lots of complaints storming twitter, with all reporting the same issue that they have been unable to make use of their SnapChat account as at early around 12 a.m (West Africa time) November 7.

A few days back, a similar issue like this occurred with WhatsApp ( I don't know if you noticed it), and that day twitter also experienced massive traffic than usual with lots of users coming to air their complaints via tweets, though it was resolved after some hours of chaos.

On twitter, SnapChat published an official tweet pleading its users to calm down saying they are aware of the bug and recommend every user to keep their account logged in. “We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix. Stay tuned for updates!  We recommend staying logged into your account” says a spokesperson for SnapChat support.

But after seeing this tweet from SnapChat, some users got more worried because they thought they've done something stupid by logging out of their SnapChat account. A user tweeted “Been signed off my Snapchat for about 20 minutes and I actually think I might cry”. Reporting a tweet from another user who said “My Snapchat won’t let me send or receive or load anything. I logged out and now it won’t let me log in”.

Thinking of your streak not been found? Users came up with a good and helping suggestion to save your streak while you can't access your SnapChat account.

How to get back your Snapstreaks

It's pretty simple!
Visit the SnapChat official website and go to the ‘Support’ page. You can find that by scrolling down to the very end and click ‘support’. Haven land on the support page, click ‘Contact us’.
From the given option, choose ‘My Snapstreaks have disappeared’, then beside ‘still need help?’ below the page, click ‘Yes’
Here, you'll be allowed to file a claim where you will be prompted to drop your email, username, mobile number, friend's username, device, as well as responding to questions like how long was the Snapstreak? when did you start having this issue? did you see the timer?.
Also, you will be provided with an extra information box where you can fill in your experience while trying to access your streaks. Perhaps you may say that you had an issue connecting with the app, claiming your device was connected to an internet signal like wifi, and that the issue is with the SnapChat app.
After sending your contact request, SnapChat will then get back to you using the email you provided.

Hope I've been able to satisfy your want?  If there is more info you need to know or let us know rather, I recommend you use the comment box provided below.



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