Friday, November 24, 2017

Google Play Music's most annoying Swipe-to-delete gesture bug fixed

Google Play Music, the Android’s no.1 music player was recently updated on Google Play owning a new version model with fixed bugs and other usual features.

There has been one annoying bug, users of Google Play Music has frequently reported on Google Play, saying the swipe-to-delete gesture could make one lost an unfamiliar track to the air forever.

The Swipe-to-delete gesture is a very useful feature of Google Play Music, with it, users can be able to delete songs in a playlist or discard them from the queue with just a single swipe. While it might have been a very cool idea and stress-free rather than tapping the options button, one could often delete songs simply when trying to scroll through a playlist, that doesn't sound good.

According to one Reddit user, the swipe-to-delete gesture on Google Play Music used to be difficult to use, you can unintentionally delete unfamiliar songs and lost them forever simply because you were trying to scroll through a playlist. Though an “undo” button pop-up might help bring back the deleted song(s),  it's not always successful because you might miss-time the tap on the “undo” button.

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Thankfully, the app was updated earlier this week with a new version. The latest version 8.5.6542-1.Y of Google Play Music comes with no additional feature but a fix to the bug reported earlier. Reddit users have confirmed the swipe-to-delete gesture to have been fixed with the new version.

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