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Google explains how it makes personalized battery life estimation for smartphones

I love everything Google! The company has revealed to the public how it makes personalized battery life predictions for smartphones today.

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The battery is a unique specification of every smartphone, it is among the most notable specs anyone must know before thinking of getting that phone. Having a durable battery in your smartphone will make it more meaningful and do lots of task with the phone.

It's no hidden that the kind of battery we see made to smartphones of nowadays are even more durable than before, though do not match with the advancement of other components like displays,  processors, sensors. Moreover, we still need to charge our smartphone overnight.

Google has recently introduced a simpler and useful smart battery stats that can estimate your remaining battery life according to your smartphone usage.

Before now, Google would estimate your battery life by simple postulations. They assume your battery life to last for some time based on your usage in certain percentage per time. For example, you can consume 20% of your battery life for the first 1 hour, it would then assume that you'll use 20% every hour. These estimations are sometimes not true and narrow.

Thanks to Google for making the process a little simpler. According to Android Authority, the feature was said to have rolled out last month when Google added a system app called ‘Device Health Services' to the Play Store.
On the Pixel Products forum, a Project manager with Google's New York office explained how the smart battery life prediction operates.

With the Google's improved technical know-how on the process, it establishes an idea based on your past usage which will then be used to estimate your future usage. It examines your usage model on frequent times to measure how much battery usage you'll use throughout the rest of the day. Know that it studies your habit and tasks you perform frequently with your phone-- for example, if you always listen to podcast or stream videos on YouTube, it now takes note of that and expect the tasks every day and can modify its predicted battery life to be in accordance.

There's a battery graph Google uses to show you the predicted battery life usage for the remaining hours of the day, in addition to providing you with an estimation of how much battery time is remaining.
With the graph, you can see when Google predicts your smartphone will be more useful as the line reduces.

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This battery life prediction, for now, is only available to the Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P running the Android 8.1 Developer Preview.

This battery life prediction is more effective than the previous method of estimating usage. With this process, you can easily get rid of low battery at the most useful moment.



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