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Google Home Mini review-A smart speaker for you at $49

Why Google Home Mini Speakers? Learn the things you can do with Google new home mini speakers having its tagged price as $45

Thinking of improving your music experience? Why not try out the newly released Google Home Mini Speakers?

Some days ago, early this month, on October 4 Google held an event in California which everyone knew the Pixel 2 & 2 XL smartphones would be launched during the event. Meanwhile, not only the Pixel smartphones got launched that day, but also the Google Home Mini Wireless speakers and other products.

In this post, I have discussed the features and/or specifications of Google Home Mini Speakers and see if it truly worths the $45 price tag Google said it would be sold for.

The Google Home Mini Speaker as it is called connects wirelessly to your home gadgets. The connection can be achieved either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as it uses the Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity.
It also supports internet connection,
has Chromecast Audio built in for the playing of audio files.

Apart from using the Google Home Mini voice-controlled speaker for playing music and control home gadgets, it can as well be used to create calendar events, update shopping list, respond to trivia questions, or even play video formats on a screen compatible with Chromecast.

That's not all, Google recently added new features to the Home Mini speaker allowing you perform some tasks which include; the use of Home Mini speaker to find your phone if you've left it somewhere in your home, and also you can now make phone calls from the Home Mini speakers.

The Home Mini speaker is powered by a 5v power adapter giving out 1.8 amperes per hour. It has a Micro USB port.

Google Home Mini Speaker Design
According to Google's term of describing the speaker, the Home Mini speaker is like the size of a “doughnut”, funny enough.

Google Home Mini speakers are available in three colurs- light gray, dark gray, and coral red 

Its height is as little as 1.65 inches and is 3.86 inches wide, weighing about 173g. The device comes with a power cable of length 4.92ft, both the power cable and adapter weighs an extra 75g.
The device is made of Plastic housing, Non-skid silicon base, and a Fabric top which Google says it is durable.

The Fabric-covered top of the Home Mini speaker is what's like the physical hardware-control interface.
You can choose not to control the mini speaker using your voice but instead, with just a tap on the fabric top sends in your command.
See how the fabric top operates
The fabric top is a very sensitive part of the Home mini speaker, it's so responsive to touch.
Tapping either left or right of the disc (fabric top) will lower or increase the volume, tapping the middle will pause playing music, stop an alarm, or cancel a command.

The Google Home Mini is more or just as the Google Assistant present on smartphones.
Google announced that you could use the “OK Google” or “Hey Google” wake words, the listening feature can be activated with just one tap and hold on the top of the speaker.

Attached to the fabric cover are four multi-coloured LED lights acting as the indicator that lets you know when the Home Mini speaker is muted, processing, or listening.

On the back of Google Home Mini speaker is the physical mute switch. Sliding the switch will turn off the always-listening microphones, sliding it back will turn its the microphone on.

Google Home Mini Multimedia & Phone Support
The Home Mini speaker supports the following audio formats;
MP3, HE-AAC, Vorbis, LE-AAC+, Wav (LPCM), and FLAC.

Google Home Mini Speakers work with Android devices running on Android 4.4 OS and above, as well as iOS support for iOS 9.1 and above.

What Do You Think About Google Home Mini speaker? Does it worth $49
For me, it worths $49. At least with all these features exhibited by the device, one can still be able to afford it. Or don't you agree with me?
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