Saturday, August 12, 2017

YouTube's New Chat-Sharing Feature Allows Users Discuss On Its Mobile App

This new Chat Feature lets you discuss with your friends and relatives base on a specific video without leaving the app.

The world most recognized video-sharing platform, YouTube has launched another awesome feature in its mobile app. YouTube users can now share videos in form of chat interface with family and friends. This is indeed a necessary feature.

The primary reason for the invention of this new sharing-feature of YouTube is obviously to maintain every discussion of videos made on the YouTube platform instead of allowing users to share the content on another platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others.

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Using this feature, users can select the friends they want to create a chat with on a particular video from their phone's contact.  Apart from the phone contact, there are other options like inviting people using an available link which can be shared on other platforms like facebook, twitter, or even a website or blog.
Conversations are totally private. It is just like a group chat and in a chat only supports up to 30 participants who can then offer their opinion/rating on a particular video via text, emoji, creating clips of their own, or by links to other videos available on YouTube.

This feature isn't new to some part of the world like Canada where it was first introduced earlier this year, and now the world will be using this feature.
It is good to know that Youtube platform is becoming more useful every day.

The annoying thing about this newly introduced YouTube feature is that is only currently available through the YouTube mobile app, perhaps sooner or later we will have this new chat feature available on the YouTube web as well.

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