Tuesday, August 15, 2017

5 New Awesome Features Xiaomi Phones Will Be Having

Get to know the five awesome features coming to Xiaomi smartphones. These features are coming from the latest version of Xiaomi MIUI custom Android ROM, the highly awaited MIUI 9 bringing more promotions to Xiaomi smartphones. Keep reading to know the 5 extraordinary features coming from MIUI 9

Before we start discussing these 5 new features coming to Xiaomi phones, let's get to know little about MIUI 9.

MIUI 9 is the much awaited new version of the MIUI custom Android ROM and was recently launched. The ROM runs on Android 7.0 Nougat Operating system. Though currently, the UI is only available in some selected smartphones in China, MIUI 9 will soon be reaching lots of Xiaomi smartphones running on Android 7.0 Nougat around the globe.
Now let's start a brief discussion of the 5 awesome features upcoming Xiaomi smartphones may likely have.

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  1. Smart Assistant
Just like the Google assistant operating on Google Pixel smartphones and others, the latest version of MIUI introduced a Smart Assistant that can perform lots of task like searching for texts, photos, music, videos, contacts,  opening links and lots more. Of course, this will make the smartphone easy to work with. To activate Smart Assistant for use, users should have to swipe on their home screen to the right.

     2.  Smart App Launcher
This is another amazing new feature introduced in MIUI 9. Smart App Launcher can suggest apps to launch depending on what is contained on the screen.

    3. System Priority
Another amazing feature from MIUI 9 is the “Dynamic Resource Allocation”, this feature allows users set priority to system resources of the app which is in use and doing so will send better performance and stability with fewer resources.

    4. Accelerated Startup Of Apps
MIUI 9 will make your smartphone to respond quickly to command. This feature was built so as to enhance app start-up duration. Smartphones running on a slower processor will notice an improvement in app startup time.  With this feature, you can launch apps quickly.

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    5. Real Search For Photos
With MIUI 9, users can run a deep search for photos without any delay or trouble. This feature lets users search for photos based on expression, event, screenshot, and even location.

So above are the five awesome features coming to Xiaomi smartphones. Don't you think MIUI 9 is indeed awesome? Share your idea with us using the below comment box



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