Friday, May 19, 2017

Download Tweakware v6.4 and Enjoy Free browsing on Glo and Etisalat

Features you must know about Tweakware v6.4:
  • Tweakware v6.4 is most suitable for free browsing with Glo and Etisalat.
  • Bug fixed
  • Connect easily as well as a lasting connection
  • It has one free server with multiple servers in it. That is, it's free server is auto-select.
Keep on reading this article to get more exposed to the features of latest tweakware v6.4

In case you have not heard about a mobile app called Tweakware, you better know what you are actually missing.
Tweakware is a VPN app which allows you to browse freely or at low cost on your smartphone device. This app has been in existence For over three years, I have known Tweakware since 2014 and yet I still recommend it as the best life-saving app whenever I am short of data. Surfing the net and downloading with tweakware is easy and convenient especially when using its latest version.

As usual, tweakware works almost with all network available in Nigeria depending on the tweak available. Like me,  Glo NG and Etisalat NG has been my favourite choice whenever I go for tweakware.

Haven known what Tweakware is all about, let's now discuss the features of latest tweakware version 6.4.
For those who are familiar with the early versions of tweakware,  the tweakware v6.4 is designed with a new interface with a means of selecting bundle type (GSM Operator). And from what I have seen so far, the networks available in tweakware v6.4 are mainly Glo NG and Etisalat NG and both allow you to browse at no cost. See screenshot below.

Also, tweakware v6.4 allows you to create a custom tweak to a designated network using a working host and port addresses and other required configuring tweaks. Though I am not sure if there is any custom tweak of any network for now.

As for the servers, this tweakware v6.4 has really proved to me that so many bugs have been fixed. Remember when earlier versions of tweakware have so many servers with almost all not connecting easily or are quick to disconnect when connected.
This is extremely different from Tweakware v6.4 because it has only one free server with auto-select feature and is quick to connect and when connected it lasts longer.

Let's discuss how it can be configured for browsing.

  • Ensure you get Tweakware v6.4 from Google Play or rather download it from here.
  • Haven installed Tweakware v6.4, launch the app and click “None” displaying on the interface to pop up series of tweaks.

  • Make your choice by selecting one of the tweaks listed, then go back and hit “connect” and make sure the next picture to display on your smartphone device is similar to the screenshot below.

Note: If you are a free user, there is no need for selecting free servers as this tweakware v6.4 comes with auto-select free server feature.
But if you're a premium user, there is need for you to select a premium server of your choice.




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